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    winegard ds-1111 replacement? OTA addon mount

    I'm looking for a Winegard DS-1111. I'd like to try combining my Dish and OTA antenna to one pole/mount. It looks like it's been discontinued. I've found an eBay seller that's got it for around $30. Anyone know of any alternatives or other suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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    Never ending Wally problems.....

    My Wally acts up from time to time, maybe once or twice a month. Yes it's annoying but it's not too often for me. The recent update that enabled the 2nd SAT tuner for recording and being able to use the 2nd tuner on the dual OTA module make it bearable :)
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    Help pop get Dish and OTA channels in the garage/shop?

    Well, if you are familiar with running ethernet, I'm using a $35 AGPtek LKV372A kit I got on Amazon to send my Wally in the living room to a bedroomTV. My Wally goes into my Onkyo AV receiver which has a main out (living room TV) and a sub out (kit above). I've been using it for a couple months...
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    FOR SALE Dish 211z and DirecTV AM21

    I hate to "bump" this but these units are collecting dust. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I'll entertain reasonable offers ($50+ on each) :)
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    FOR SALE Dish 211z and DirecTV AM21

    Hello. I've got a Dish 211z receiver and a DirecTV AM21 OTA receiver up for grabs. The 211z was purchased last year and was replaced by a Wally a few months ago. I've been sitting on the DTV AM21 for over a year. $70 for the Dish 211z and $100 for the DirecTV AM21. Prices include shipping. Will...
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    Digital Preferred Channels on Comcast Digital Adapter?

    IMHO, Clear QAM = getting channels with the coaxial cable plugged straight into the TV. No adapters in between. No CC. If I were a betting man, I would say that Comcast has shut down clear QAM across the entire footprint...
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    Wally Testers Wanted

    I emailed my info a couple weeks ago. Just curious on the status of this...
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    Need a favor from someone in the north part of Metro Atlanta on EA

    I'm not in ATL, but I'd say it looks like you are good to go:
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    skew on single sat/dish?

    Thanks for the quick response. That's what I figured. I fibbed... it's not a 90cm pan. It's this one: (30 inch / 76 cm) I've got a DP single LNB on it. I do have a bigger pan sitting in my garage... it may be time to give it a try :)
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    skew on single sat/dish?

    I understand how skew is important when aiming at multiple sats on a single dish, but does dish or LNB skew matter when aiming for a single sat? I use a dedicated 90cm dish for 61.5 to help pull in locals. I'm on the edge of the spotbeam and I barely get a signal on the 90cm dish (between 7-14)...
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    Massive Sports Timer Problem

    Not trying to be a jerk, there are several threads on guide/EPG issues. Sadly I'm not sure Dish is listening :( Here are just a few:
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    Home Media, thumn-nail upper right.

    Ha! I just got around to connecting my Wally to my network and noticed the same thing this past weekend. Glad it's not just me. Hopefully Dish will fix it "soon".....
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    Troubleshooting Tips for DISH's EPG issues

    For me, live sports events are still janked up... One example, I like to record English Premier League Soccer on NBCSN. It used to work great and every live match was recorded under one timer using the Only New option. Currently. I have to manually set a timer for every game. I have deleted and...
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    External hard drive test

    Sorry your Wally is being a jackwagon. My Wally with OTA+EHD has been fine since I reset everything a little over a week ago.... *knocks on wood*
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    Yes please.