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Sep 12, 2005
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I understand how skew is important when aiming at multiple sats on a single dish, but does dish or LNB skew matter when aiming for a single sat? I use a dedicated 90cm dish for 61.5 to help pull in locals. I'm on the edge of the spotbeam and I barely get a signal on the 90cm dish (between 7-14). I've got a 1000.4 EA dish for 72 and 77. I've got the 61.5 eye blocked on it so it uses the 90cm (connected to the input port on the 1000.4). It's always stronger and locks in the evenings when the signal is above 10. I've tried to tweak it the best I can without trying to adjust the skew. I'm in central Ark but I "moved" for DFW locals :) Thanks in advance.


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May 23, 2013
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61.5 is a circular polarity satellite and as your dish is used as a single satellite configuration, setting the skew is not necessary and would likely have no effect. If the reflector is oblong or elliptical, it might have better noise reflection if it is rotated.

The only option probably would be to use a larger dish to collect even more signal. Maybe a 1.2m or 1.6m might provide adequate gain to provide reliable reception. You may be so far out of the footprint that reliable reception may not be possible.

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