May I please request that a DIRT member contact me regarding a hopper 3 upgrade on two residences

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  1. I am a very longtime customer of Dish (exceeding 20 years). I need a small amount of assistance in obtaining an upgrade to Hopper 3 in both residences. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. When in this form, look for Helpers Online in RED during normal business hours. Send one a PM.
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  3. You can send me the PM with your phone number and 4 digit PIN.
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    xxx xxx xxxx
    Pin xxxx
    I have been traveling all day. I apologize for taking so long to be back in touch

    Personal info removed, please send by private message. Chip (mod)
  5. You need to PM that, not put it in the open forum. You should edit out that information. You can PM Matt by clicking on his Name under his avatar and then Start A Conversation.
  6. I think someone need to mention that PM = Private Message.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance but I have written a PM to Matt but cannot figure out how to actually send it. Don't see anything to click on. Thanks
  8. Click the Start A Conversation button beneath the field that you typed your information in.
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  9. Thanks, the lights must have been on dim. I mistook that to be like starting over.
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  10. Thank you!

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