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    Hybrid solo hub question

    Hopper 3 sorry.
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    Hybrid solo hub question

    I thought that the 42 switch was developed for customers to use a dpp lnb with a hopper setup?I agree on using a hybrid lnb but access difficulties makes it tough to swap lnbs at this time. I'm old and decrepit and don't like climbing on my roof.
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    Hybrid solo hub question

    Thanks for the info.
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    Hybrid solo hub question

    My current setup is three Wallys connected to an exterior grounding block and then to a 1000.2 dish with dpp lnb. I would like to replace the Wallys with a hopper and two joeys connected via coax. I'm planning on using a dph42 switch in place of the grounding block along with a hybrid solo hub...
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    Wally Software Update Issue?

    There are quite a few threads on various forums about people having numerous problems with the latest software update on their Wallys using automatic dishes. Dish is supposed to be working on a fix but don't hold your breath.
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    Scammer using Dish phone number

    Yes maybe there is relief coming. FCC pushes carriers to implement caller ID authentication by 2019
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    Wally DVR not working

    You didn't say but have you activated the dvr feature for the Wally with customer service? One time $40 charge.
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    Which Dish for HR24?

    I use an SL3 while motorhoming with my HD receiver. With an HR24 dvr I would go with a SWM3.
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    LNB Swap

    Disconnect the power. If you accidentally short the center conductor to ground you could damage the dvr.
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    Finally gonna move to pole mount vs roof mount...

    I give up. You people are determined to spend a lot of money. All I'm trying to do is save the OP a few bucks. A tech is not going to rip out my pole and redo it just to get more money out of me. Based on the installs that I have seen QC is not one of their concerns. Good luck on your quest...
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    Finally gonna move to pole mount vs roof mount...

    Did you read my previous post (post #17)? I've been using a sleeved 1.5" rigid conduit post (1.5" ID, 1.9" OD) for 5 years now with an AT9 5 lnb with no problems and no rust.
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    Finally gonna move to pole mount vs roof mount...

    If you can't find a fence post of the appropriate size then go to Lowes or Depot and buy a length of 1.5" rigid conduit. It is thick and heavy duty with an OD of 1.9". Add one layer of .035 flashing as a collar to the top of the post and the OD will be 1.97". About as close to 2" as you are...
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    Directv Receiver and 1080p issues.

    Correct. My 4 year old 42" Sharp Aquos will only accept 1080p/60.
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    Anyone Else Seem to Notice

    This problem is being discussed quite a bit on several threads on the 'other' satellite forum. Apparently it is a widespread problem with no actual fixes yet.