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    advice on ota

    Yes, in fact E* is bringing back the roof top pterodactyls to receive HD Broadcasting soon... But, and let me stress BUT... Customers are responsible for having the off-air antenna installed themselves or by a retailer.
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    Dish 500 signal reduced

    Anything over 85 on 119 TP 11 and 110 TP 22 is acceptable, anything higher is overkill and will be blocked out by the same amount of moisture as if you have 125 signal on all
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    dual tuner backfeed problems

    I've seen TV's shorted out from long stingers and watched conractors have to buy newones
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    R&R, Drive, Men's - WTF??

    Lol, I seen an awesome advertisment on the new KX450 Dirtbike on the mens channel... I may watch it again... even recorded it on muh DVR!
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    Remote: LIMITED MODE CHANNEL SCAN - No Excuses!

    Should make this post a /Sticky for people to print... Good advertisment in there somewhere ;)
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    Best way for new instal in LV?

    Best setup 622, 322 receivers giving you 2 DVR's and 2 regular TV's Don't forget the Dish1000 ;)
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    Remote Code for Sony Receiver?

    Will be a bit time consuming but some of the codes for other brand receivers could give you functionality o.O
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    Already crashed my 622 more times than I can count

    hummm, sounds like a software issue to me, BUG REPORT!
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    Help on a Dishnet HD setup

    Yea, the D1000 comes with a DPP twin so should only need 1 line coming in if you go with the 622 route
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    DISH1000 signal Pacific Northwest

    Theres been a problem reported with a DPP lnb thats sensitive to heat Its a known issue
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    Florence,sc Locals?

    let us know what the result is after you run check switch ;)
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    Dish 500 swithc problems

    remove the dish off the mast and make sure the mast is perfectly (Or close) as possible to being plumb vertical (Considered Level or Plumb) Stick the dish back on, make sure you didnt change any dial settings at previous attempts and adjust untill you get signal ;)
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    522 --> 622 swap: As easy as it looks?

    Yes as long as your HD TV isnt at the TV2 location ;) relax, the installer will know exactly what to do, just give him a few mins to determine what he has to do