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    "'CES Curse?" Gadget Show Has Poor Record'

    This is my opinion so don't jump on me. I used to be really interested in the CES and would scour Engadget and Gizmodo and this website to see all the latest stuff starting about 7-8 years ago. Could not wait to see the latest gadgets but then I would say a couple years back I just totally lost...
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    MIA Members

    Just was browsing an old thread and noticed Neutron hasn't posted or visited in over a year. Is he ok? Just unusual for someone to drop out like that.
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    No Uplink Today

    Aren't there some international channels scheduled to be available jan 1? Have those been pushed back too?
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    FIRST LOOK - Logitech Revue GoogleTV Device

    I see. I think I'll just wait until boxee is released and make my decision.
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    FIRST LOOK - Logitech Revue GoogleTV Device

    Any idea when dish will get more in stock? I just checked online and they are oos
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    Oh Joy......51 new HD channels for Philly

    Yeah I went to Comcast this past week for all 3 services. Love the ondemand and am not missing Dish at all.
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    Leno: 'Conan got screwed'

    For all the hate that Leno gets, he sure has a lot of fans. Just read that he's been #1 in the ratings since he's come back.
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    Signs of economy improving

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    Signs of economy improving

    Ok maybe I wasn't seeing things. I read in the newspaper that Michigan had a job growth of 11000 jobs in January. That was the first job growth in years. We are turning it around slowly.
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    home insurance

    I pay $440 year for 1700 sq ft home built in 1926.
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    Signs of economy improving

    At 7 am and at 4 pm? I doubt it. Rush Hour is actually busier.
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    Signs of economy improving

    I've noticed a lot more cars on the road on my way to and from work in Michigan. I really think its starting to improve.
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    Signs of economy improving

    I honestly laugh at people with their personal pride bs and how they are ashamed to collect unemployment. Lets see... sit at home and make $350 a week or work 40 hours at Walmart and make less. Tough choice LOL. You guys need to use common sense.
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    Signs of economy improving

    I don't think its getting worse. I will say that it hasn't really improved much from rock bottom of last year. Pretty much everybody I know works and the real estate market is not as bad as the media makes it out to be from my personal house shopping experience. Foreclosures tend to be junk...
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    Post Your Bill

    We got WOW, Comcast, and Uverse in Metro Detroit. I'm about to get an outrageous deal with Comcast going through an independent salesman and going to have my parents sign up to that too once its installed in my house. Dishnetwork is just getting too expensive. I can get HD with DVR and one...