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    HELP! All my Hopper 3 recordings are inaccessible

    I'm having the same problem, thanks for the work around!
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    H3 344 Update?

    Also my timers are gone tonight too but I am still on U343.
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    U344 - can't record /set up timers

    I'm having serious issues with timers and recordings, but is says I am on U 343 from Feb 9, seems like there have been problems since then. Eta: how do I do a partial reset? I only see the option to "Reset to Factory Defaults", is there a sub-menu in there? I am afraid to click on it, I don't...
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    Power Reset 'almost' Resolved?

    I was away for a week on vacation on saw there was an update on 3/19 while we were away. It seems like we haven't been having issues since we got back a couple days ago, but I haven't had time to "test it out" yet. I am pretty sure I shut off the Hopper last night so I will see tonight when I...
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    Scott's Mini Hopper 3 Review

    Thanks, I have been on that screen plenty of times I just somehow missed the update version and date. Now how do I know if I have the most recent version? I have U304 as posted above, so that seems like the most recent for the H3? The 4K Joey has something different.
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    Scott's Mini Hopper 3 Review

    How do you check what software version you have and when it was last updated? I can't seem to find it on any of the screens. If you have the inactivity timer turned off will it still do the updates, as long as you have manually shut off both the H3 and Joey (green lights off).
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    Call them or contact DIRT and ask for an upgrade, back up tuners to your remote and recordings to an external hard drive. Unless I'm missing something specific about your situation?
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    Telephone tested but wont display caller id?

    Caller ID is not working for me on the H3. On the original Hopper I just returned, it also stopped working a year and a half ago, but I managed to "fix" it a couple days before the H3 came by clearing the Caller ID history. It was nice for those two days.
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    So, I'm wondering, does H3 really have 16 separate tuners or is it 4 PTAT-like tuners? Not sure that it makes a difference to me, though, as long as it works.
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    How did you get a free year of Netflix?
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    Official - I have a Hopper 3 Thread!

    I only had the original Hopper (no sling) before, can we still use Dish Anwhere if prepare for mobile is turned off?
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    DISH HDCP Update

    Thanks, I had a suspicion PTAT was involved so I turned it off a couple days ago. Need to transfer everything to the EHD before my replacement Hopper 3 arrives
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    DISH HDCP Update

    Thanks, have to figure out another reason why a Fox show and a couple of CBS shows wouldn't transfer to my EHD this weekend.
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    Dish Network CEO Hints At Hard Line In Viacom Renewal Talks, Calls Extension A “Positive”

    We watch a lot of Viacom channels. I will be PO'd if I just got a monthly fee increase, reupped for 2 years, and they pull a lot of channels we watch.
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    DISH HDCP Update

    Could this cause issues with trying to move a recording from one of these channels to an external hard drive?