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    They're (He's) Baaaaack!

    Members who go away then think they're special when they come back.. PFFT! :notrolls
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    Just Canceled

    You folks are getting screwed. Renewed in November for 60$ Canadian and they threw in a free 3rd gen Echo Dot
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    OTHER Would something like this actually work?

    Reminds me a few winters back when I tried to make a Bud out of a snow bank and foil tape.
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    Favorite short-lived TV show?

    Jericho, Kidnapped, The Event, Alcatraz, Terra Nova, The Returned.... and FIREFLY!!!
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    What do you think the greatest decade of the 20th century was?

    No contest....80s was the best decade.... In no particular order after #2 1- Arcades 2- Music (best rock era!): Van Halen, Poison, Motley Crue, Poison, Metallica, Beatie Boys, Bon Jovi etc 3- John Hugues movies 4- All other classic movies (which will never be remade): Back to the Future...
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    Odd Looking Fish

    It's the same look my mother in law gives me every time she sees me!
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    Channel changes you hate...

    I didnt even know SXM changes channels... only listen to 5,6,8 and 39
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    To hws being replaced with 1 H3 and a Joey

    Can't really help you. Just want to give you 2 thumbs up on your avatar.
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    called to cancel service

    Agree....impossible to justify paying SXM when I have Spotify for free for 1 year (part of phone package)
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    Hello Canada

    Best person who can answer this would be Scott. Send him a private message when you have a moment....
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    NFL 2017-18 Season

    Maybe but if JimmyG plays to his potential in 5 years this contract will look like a deal for the Niners.
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    NFL 2017-18 Season

    Well officiated? Sure if you didnt have the benefit of instant replay.
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    channel master Stream +

    Channel Master Announces Stream+ Media Player and Antenna DVR | Channel Master Blog Introductory price of 99$. I was about to order one until reading it records OTA onto a microSD card. My calculations a 128gb card might give you 12hours of recording.
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    Channel Master SMARTenna+

    As a tech geek i'd like one just to play around w/ it but I agree w/ Primestar. Living room window faces East and the signals from either North (montreal) or south (NY and VT).
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    Are there any brokers left for Canadian satellite service?

    Pardon my ignorance....why use a broker? just do it yourself..