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    4k Linear channels coming to Dish anytime soon?

    I agree and disagree. It is better than HD, but not close to the 4K streaming that I get on the other apps (Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, etc.). I also have a couple of LG OLED sets (one 65" that is a 2020 model and a 77" 2018 model).
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    Stranger Things 2 & 3

    The problem with shows like this is how fast the kids age. You have to stay on a pretty strict schedule to keep the continuity. It is already a bit rough with some of them on ST. That said, there are a LOT of shows that are back in production already. There are huge precautions being taken...
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    4k Devices

    Why not just buy a 4K firestick when they are on sale for $35? They run this sale all the time and you own it instead of renting for $5/month. I've not used the Comcast flex product but I'm sure that the Firestick is much more user friendly from an interface perspective based on all of...
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    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming?

    Yes and no. We shouldn't be seeing much of that yet. It is not uncommon for productions to be "in the can" for as much as a year prior to being aired (especially for "normal" cable content). So there should have been a backlog of new content to last several months. However, you are right...
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    Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

    This is a crazy season. I've really enjoyed it so far.
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    Viacom/Dish Dispute Forthcoming?

    which they partially own ;)
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    Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

    Agree with both - bu-bye
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    What Does 4K Upscale Mean?

    An OLED compared to a TCL anything is going to be drastically better.
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    Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

    Also was pulling for Rob. Now he is back to zero tokens.
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    Just watch the US rules carefully. There are some California rules that are not far off from GDPR that you should monitor. Not my area of expertise at all, but I don't want you to get in trouble.
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    Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

    Honestly I don't blame Sandra. She is terrible at challenges. There is very little chance that she could get back in the game. Even if she did I don't see enough jury members voting for her.
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    Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

    Made sense to me.
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    Dish Anywhere Login to Wrong Account?

    That is scary. I'd be pissed if someone logged in and either intentionally or unintentionally deleted my DVR recordings!
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    DISH signs new deal with AMC Networks

    You think Dish is paying a few bucks for AMC? Ha. No. More likely a quarter/month.
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    Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

    I can understand both votes for sure. These previous relationships set people up for a disadvantage because everyone is afraid of that.