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    NBC Sports Boston

    Just wondering if there is any effort on Dish's part or NBC Sports Boston to get this channel put back on the air. I wanted to watch last nights game on TNT and it was blacked out. Very frustrating and this has been going on for years now. I would be willing to pay for this if I could. At least...
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    DISH and CSNNE Dispute

    Thats too bad. It's not just the Celtics for me. They have the best sports reporting on all Boston area teams. I figured when I joined DISH, this would be like other disputes and be over in a few days or weeks, not linger on for years. It's a shame. It's the same old, same old. I pay over $120...
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    DISH and CSNNE Dispute

    Is there any movement in the DISH and CSNNE dispute. The Celtics season opens this week. I can't envision another year of not being able to watch Celtics coverage on a daily basis. It's been over a ear now. What gives.
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    xm premier channel fail

    Starting around Nov. 1, i stopped receiving the best of sirius channels (#88, 100,101,102, 103, 225-239) on my lifetime xm premier subscription. After calling customer service (what a waste of hours of my time) at least a dozen times, numerous refreshes, nothing has changed. Nor do i get any...
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    DTV Bangor, Maine locals

    Bangor, ME locals WABI, CBS affiliate has now been turned on.
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    DTV Bangor, Maine locals

    Bangor, Me locals are up and running. in SD only. Local CBS affiliate has not been turned on yet.
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    ViP 622 & 722 Running Bug Thread

    I just recieved my replacement 622 Wednesday. Spent 2 hours with support trying to find out why I can't recieve channel 142 and 200. I'm missing at least those two stations. The channel banner comes up, but the screen is blank. Support ran me through a bunch of tests and such. Techie is making a...
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    Dish 622 problem

    My brother has exactly what I have a 622 VIP DVR. He receives the NBC affiliate. My antenna is on a rotar, signal strenght at a 92-94.
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    Dish 622 problem

    My local stations are in the Bangor, Me market, 20 miles away. My 622 dvr hasn't been able to add the NBC station to its OTA list despite a 92-94 power signal. I receive the local CBS and PBS affiliates and had been able to access the NBC station, but no longer able to. When I do a scan for the...