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    Favorite short-lived TV show?

    Aftermath -- SYFY The Crossing -- ABC Colony--USA All three were cancelled just as things were starting to get sorted out...
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    Name a universally panned movie you actually like...

    Didn't do well at the Box Office
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    Hopper 3 power usage with a 1200 watt inverter

    6.5 amps at 120 volts would load the 12 volt battery system past 65 amps. If the refrigerator ran full time, with a rating 112 amphours, the batteries will be dead before 2 hous are up.
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    Balun Info?

    I've had one balun work better than another wrt FM radio reception even though they were same part number and manufacturer.
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    Grit is on 217
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    JAG coming to WGN America

    JAG marathon begins 9am edt July 4.
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    New station in Denver DMA

    Just stumbled across this in my guide, maybe it's old news. I now have access to KREG, ch 32, out of Glenwood Springs. It's an H & I affiliate, sd only
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    Locals down?

    Denver okay
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    VIP 722k Receivers Still Available?

    We recently had trouble with a vip 222. The tech replaced it with a 722, because 222's are no longer available. However, since it wasn't replacing a DVR, Dish had to send a hit to disable the DVR functions.
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    MPEG2 Receivers being swapped to MPEG4 in these DMA's

    Ciel 2 is the 129 satellite.
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    @ on the Guide

    It turns up on the Dish Guide from time to time as well.
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    Univision Deportes Dropped as Dish Dispute Widens

    Fact: Something that can be verified Truth: Something someone believes ---From my General Semantics class, circa 1979
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    Off Air?

    I saw this on my 211k as well.