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    Dish 500 & Pro Twin LNB

    Took my 510 on a one month out of town trip. Have a Dish 500 and a Pro twin LNB. I have no trouble picking up the 119 satellite at 85% but can't seem to get 110 at all. I was told the PRO twin LNB has a switch built in so I just connected my 510 directly to the #1 output. There are a lot of...
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    Dish 500 & 110/119

    I brought my 510 on a road trip for a month and have a quick question. I have it hooked to a DishPro Twin and I can only pick up the 119 satellite. There are a lot of trees but I am getting 85% on the 119 satellite. I was told the switch was built in to the Twin and I should be able to pickup...
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    Hooking up Dish 500

    I'm going out of town for a month and have a Dish 500 with no LNB. Someone is going to give me dual LNB. My question is besides the pole, RG6 cable, do i need a 21 switch? I will be hooking all this to a 510.
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    What do I need?

    I am going out of town for a month. I have a Dish 500 with no LNB. A freind is giving me a dual LNB that came off of another Dish 500. I have a 510 reciever. What else do I need to make a temporary hookup. Do I need a DP 21 Switch. Thanks for any help. O course some RG6 cable.
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    811 and Dish SD PVR hooked up to one TV?

    Two Coax Bobby makes a good point. You have to have two coax cables. I do. If the contractor is there pulling one cable I have found that they have no problem running the second. Especially if it is going to the same place. If they squawk, $10.00 should satisfy them.
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    811 and Dish SD PVR hooked up to one TV?

    Me Too I have a 510 and a 811 hooked up to one TV. With only five channels of HD to record and half of them not showing something I wish to record and the other half being played elsewhere in SD could see no reason to spend that much money. The previous poster was exactly correct just hook them...
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    811 & OTA HD Picture

    I put in an OTA antenna on my 811 and picked up my local digital CBS station at >85% signal strength. My question is this. The HD programs on in prime time just don't look that impressive as compared to the satellite stuff (HDNet, DISCHD etc.). Anybody else notice this? :cool:
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    How many PVR's on DHP

    Thanks for the info. I thought that was rhe case. So as long as I buy it, no problem. Thanks again
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    How many PVR's on DHP

    Well CSR Roulette hits again. I am on DHP and am wondering how many PVR's I can have. One CSR says only one, while another says two. I think the discrepency lies in the fact if you lease or buy the PVR. I am willing to buy the PVR, but don't want to if they won't activate it. Which is the...
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    CSR manager told me 510 not available to DHP customers!

    I'm on the DHP plan I am getting the 510 and 811 for $123 (no cc autopay). You might want ot check further.
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    510 & 811

    No, my intentions are to run the output of the 811 to the DVI input of my Sony Plasma, and the output of the 510 to the S-Video input of the same Sony Plasma. They are both are on different video inputs on the Plasma. Would that be a problem? Thanks for the input on the Harmony !!
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    Superdish chimney install

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, Ilve in the BIG city over on Peg-Wen Blvd. It's across from where Lowe's is. I hooked my Wineguard to my 301 and when I was going pass Channel 15 (digital out of Savannah) I noticed it trying to do something. So my hopes are I will be able to pull in the Savannah...
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    Superdish chimney install

    Hey bryan92, do you happen to live in the Staesboro, GA. area ? And if so, Have you attempted to pick up any of the HD digital channels out of Savannah. I'm getting my 811 next week and am going to try an old Wineguard 2000 I had from a previos install. But was just wondering if you had any luck...
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    510 & 811

    Thanks so much for the info. I had a feeling it would'nt be a problem. Been reading some things about this Harmony Remote, thinking about buying it so that I only havr to deal with one remote. It's a little pricy (~ $120.00) but it seems to work well for everyone, including people with an 811 &...
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    510 & 811

    I am finally recieving my 811 after a long wait, but what's good about it I'm also getting a 510 at the same time. Yeah, for $123 (no cc autopay) I get both. I'm on the DHP plan. So here's the question. I currently have a SuperDish with three 301's and a Sony Plasma. I'm going to let them take...