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    Networking Receiver issue

    Thank you
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    Networking Receiver issue

    Thank you I will try that today. I appreciate the help
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    Networking Receiver issue

    Thanks, I tried that with my 2 HR receivers and it didn't help. Should I shut everything down, router, modem, and receivers and then reboot? It has to be something with the new modem like you said. Do I manually have to put in the routers or modems IP address?
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    Networking Receiver issue

    I have 7 total. Most are regular 22 receivers and I have 2 HR23's. Yes I have the SWM setup
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    Networking Receiver issue

    I've had all my receivers networked through Cat 5 (I think) and everything worked fine from day one when we could network them and then a couple months ago I had to have a new cable modem installed and now none of my receivers show up as networked. Any ideas what I can do. It's not the cable...
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    Remote Control not working with Receiver

    It's been a long time since I've been on here. Starting to get frustrated with Direct but anyways I've been having a problem with the receiver not responding to my remote. When I turn the receiver on it works fine for maybe a minute or so then I have to keep pressing the buttons over and over...
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    MRV Racket!!!!!

    so there is something they could do. I don't need a new receiver and if I get them to wave the install fee it would only be 100.00? and no extension in contract?
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    MRV Racket!!!!!

    I have absolutely no problem with them not supporting it unless they install it. I do have a major problem with the other issues I posted.
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    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    I didn't have to go through any of that. I just told the guy I don't want to update but I want the service and he activated it and in 5 minutes after I did a reset everything was fine.
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    Lost recordings when MRV beta turned off?

    I lost mine to but once I registered for the service they came back.
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    MRV Racket!!!!!

    I think it's BS that to get support from Direct with the MVR that you have to order the equipment for 99.00 and then pay 49.99 to have it installed. I pay 5.99 a month for the protection plan and they want to charge me to have it installed and if that's not bad enough it will also change my...
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    HR20/21/22/23 CE Release 4/23

    I've only downloaded an update a couple months ago, can I go ahead and update this update or do I have to somehow go back and update the other updates first?
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    HR2x / R22 Software Release 3/3 0X03A8

    Yes, I get audio drops sometimes it's for a couple minutes or so in a show. Very frustrating.
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    HD DVR

    I have a HR22 and a HR23 and they both are very slow. You change the channel and it's a few second delay before it changes. Seems like it's worse than it was when I got them a couple months ago.
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    HR23 Pink Screen

    I haven't tried moving it or anything like that yet. It's only about a month or so old. I will try running it without it being hooked up to the network but then I wont have the MRV to use. I hate to have them send me a replacement because I may not get another HR23. But then maybe that's a...