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    I work in retentions for DirecTV.. ask me anything you want to know

    Hello I have been a DirecTV customer since 1994 currently my Slim 5 dish is on the roof and at the last service call (I have protection plan) the installer told me they will not support my dish because they are not allowed to climb: but he left me no alternatives: I have HR54, SWM 16 etc now...
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    H20 HDMI problems

    Happy Holidays! I have had an H20 (with a 3 LNB Dish) for 2 weeks now and am having HDMI issues firmware is 0F03 (it took this firmware update and it made no difference) typical problem is runnung HDMI to a Sharp LC-26 LCD: the Sharp displays 1080i for a second, then defaults to a VGA...
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    942 RF remote stopped working

    deleted dupl post
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    942 RF remote stopped working

    problem solved: used a jumper to get antenna out of rack :)
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    942 RF remote stopped working

    Hello got a new 942 (not activated yet) and everything was working fine; including both remotes sent it some IR codes from an RTI T3 and now the 942 will not respond to the RF remote: I checked RF address: OK works OK with IR remote: worked fine with RF remote until I sent it some codes...
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    Attention VOOMers switching to cable!

    Great thread I was close to ordering DISH but decided against it sticking with D* and Comcast cable HD Verizon is busy bringing fiber to every home in my town by year's end and that is making Comcast try harder I just got the SA 8000 from Comcast (still prefer my HD Tivo) and a Sony...
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    Sony HD-300 RF remote antenna dilema

    finally found the solution:
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    Sony HD-300 RF remote antenna dilema

    I want to replace an HD100 with an HD 300 used in a whole house application that is controlled by an attic mounted FM antenna for the remote control I have been STUMPED so far because the HD300 has a different RF remote antenna/connector and the wiring is different: I have had no luck in...
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    Missing Channels like TNTHD, UHD, etc... Read here!

    TNT-HD does look better to me tonight and yes: I was on the phone to them yesterday too :)
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    Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

    Mr Dolan You are a true pioneer for HDTV: I congratulate you for your courage :) PLEASE KEEP VOOM ALIVE!!!
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    RF remote with Voom?

    I have been using the 4DTV RF remote for some time with the VOOM stb: works great I posted a similar thread asking for info on how to reprogram the universal features of this remote: appreciate any info Mark
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    RF remote programming info

    I am using the 4DTV RF remote made by Motorola to operate the VOOM stb (works great!) It also functions as a universal remote and its default settings control a Sony TV How can I reprogram the remote to operate other devices? I would need the codes plus instructions please Thanks
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    Did Voom get what it deserved?

    this is really a shame I think Dolan's vision was just a couple (or more?) years too early : look- if it does not make financial sense it is just not going to work, no matter how good the idea But all of the hype, the advertising,the PVR, the talk of scores of additional HD...
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    **Wanted**: Super DMA testers in San Diego & NY

    Hello just saw this located in Rumson, NJ (greater NYC area) would love to participate :) Mark
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    Audio/video breakups in 6.10 and the last OTA channel tuned (Some Fixes here)

    Thanks guys: your good info on this forum has helped me again The fix described above did not fully work for me: I ended up hiding ALL OTA channels and did a hard reboot and my micro-glitch problem is resolved for now (I don't use VOOM OTA much anyway) and I have guide info again But I...