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    Disappointed with the receiver I got on the install.

    There is too much TV to choose from nowadays. I can stream on Netflix, rent 1080p's on Vudo and timeshift off air channels on my HTPC and watch satellite. I thought I would cut down some of my choices by skipping the DVR.
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    Disappointed with the receiver I got on the install.

    I'm disappointed it's not the lastest and sleekest and I'm starting a two year lease on a 2007 receiver. Doesn't look good next to my 3D TV and Harmon/Kardon receiver. What is SWM? Can I just buy the newer receiver and give D back this one. I know it's still a lease. I only have one TV hooked up.
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    Disappointed with the receiver I got on the install.

    Just switched to Direct TV from Dish. I wanted to save some money so I skipped the HD DVR. I got a old used H21-200 receiver on the install. Can I get get them to give me a newer receiver? Is the one I got as good as the newer HD receivers. I just like newer stuff.
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    I called got free AT200 HD free and Platinum free for a year plus discount. I don't understand the STARZ thing. STARZ cinema channel 353 is listed as being part of the platinum package. It's not in my guide, but I do have STARZ channel 9435 in red which I can't get. Are they different STARZ...
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    Anyone else just get local guide data?

    I just got guide information for my local off the air stations. Does anyone know the story behind this. Did Dish change their policy? I thought guide data was only available if you subscribed to local's from Dish. I like it. It's going to be a lot easier to record now.
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    New DishHD $29.99 HD Only Package Details

    That's got to hurt for Charlie. Do you think he reads this forum? :D I never thought about dish subscribers doing that.
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    New DishHD $29.99 HD Only Package Details

    I called again for the third time and this CSR was able to make the change. I don't blame the CSR's for not getting it right the first and second time. I'm sure they are misinformed from higher up managers or not trained right. The only SD I did watch was CNBC and fox news.
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    HD-DVD PLAYER $98.87!! at WalMart

    What are the differences between the A2 vs the A3? I see a few stores with Black Friday ads for the A3 @ $169 From what I read it's mostly audio. If you connect it to your receivee with HDMI it doesn't matter much but if you connect with optical the A2 will convert dolby truehd and dolby...
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    HD DVD Will win and this is why:

    I think the porn industry is going with HD DVD because of lower cost and ease of manufacturing.
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    So what do you think of your $98 HD DVD player?

    I wouldn't of bought a HD DVD player this soon if it wasn't for the price. I have HD from Dish and off the air, but the quality of the picture impresses me. The thing I didn't expect is the sound. The sound coming from my 5 channel Harmon/Kardon never sounded so good. I'm very happy with it.:D
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    $98.87 HD DVD Players How Many Of You Took Advantage Of This Deal?

    I was lucky to get one at my Walmart only seven there. I would of bought two but I didn't think that would be fair to other people in line.
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    HDTV Deals Website?

    I use Dell Coupons, computer deals, Amazon, HP . I would like to see other links. If I checked it earlier in the day I could of got a Toshiba A2 HD DVD player for $100 at BestBuy today.
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    Great deal on Sears: Panasonic TH-50PX75U 50 in. Plasma

    I saw this on xpBargains with your Sears card you can get the Panasonic TH-50PX75U 50" Plasma for $1190. I'm real tempted but I don't have to have a new TV now. Maybe not.
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    Tiger Direct: 42" 1080P: 1349.99

    How are the blacks on that TV do you lose the detail in shadows? I was thinking about getting the 46" one.