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    Volume Problem FX channel

    I don't know if this has been asked and answered, if so I missed it. The volume on all FX programs is very low. Commercial volume is ok. Answer? Thanks
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    Free Cband 4dtv ststem

    Albuquerque Location. Free to a good home, complete Cband 4dtv ststem. Reply to:
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    Trying to locate ATS

    I'm trying to locate a web site or phone number for ATS reciever repair service. Can you help? Micklel Thanks
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    Problem....Need some help

    I ran a seperate cable from the dish to the reciever outside the house and thru a door. Everything worked fine. I guess that leaves a connection problem. Someone told me about changing a LNB and having a feedhorn problem. I asked them how to test a feedhorn and am waiting an answer.
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    Problem....Need some help

    Thanks for the response. Signal quality 100. I should mention great picture analog, (G1-1). Had same problem before installing new LNB.
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    Problem....Need some help

    4dtv operates perfectly all day and evening. Before turning off at night, go to G1. Next morning, no picture any satellite for the first 2-3 hours. Installed new LNB last week. Everything fine for a day or two. Then...same story. Some help please. Thanks.
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    Need some help!!!

    Thanks Sergei. Finally got up with my satellite guy and he confirmed the fact that the dish had moved in the wind, Up and running now. All ok.
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    Need some help!!!

    C band system w/4dtv. No picture or picture tiling all satellites. Shut off ordered new LNB. Turned on when LNB arrived, all satellites good except C4. Picture tiling. Installed new LNB. Same story. All satellites good, C4 tiling. Checked cable. Good. Help!!!