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    anybody able to remove HD Extra Pack online recently?

    I'm on the Xtra Classic package and cannot remove HD Extra from online also. The automated system did not work the last time either.
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    CE's for the Weekend of 11.2

    Added 0x64d just now and I'm glad to see nothing new or disruptive so far, there has been enough high risk around here in NYC this week already.
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    CE's for the Weekend of 8.10

    After all the restart noise, I had the receiver on 1 channel for about 10 minutes. On my first attempt to change channels or see the DVR list, everything locked up and did a reset. And ugh.. another Scanning disk screen. Has anyone had this screen also? 139 errors found... eventually 139 errors...
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    CE's for the Weekend of 8.10

    Yeah, I just went thru last weeks CE release and saw the similarity. Maybe it's all a ruse to sell more AM21's. :P In that case, be sure to drink your ovaltine!
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    CE's for the Weekend of 8.10

    After downloading the CE it changed into the normal "Running receiver self-check..." blue screen.. then across the top it reads Scanning disk..., followed by a long black bar with 0% in the center of it. Below that it said 137 errors found, then # corrected. After about 2-3 minutes all 137...
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    TV Apps overhaul

    It seems that as of at least a week ago many of the TV Apps have disappeared. Most were ignored by me but I regularly used the NOAA weather radar app for local radar info. It wasn't as good as using some web pages radar info but much better than what TWC's radar showed on Local updates. Here's...
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    HR22 DVR Viewing Locks Up System

    I've had the same lockups on my HR24 for at least a month also. It's continued thru a couple different CE releases and while reverting back to the national also. Sometimes it last over 10 seconds, lately it's been shorter but still every button locks out and the screen freezes.
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    CE's for the Weekend of 6/8/12

    Everything seems stable on HR24, text within recordings list showing international accent marks have returned correctly.
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    CE's for the Weekend of 5.18

    Only problem I'm seeing is one that was present weeks ago. The missing letter "e" with the ^ accent mark on top of it for a show called 'Mais Voce' on Globo ch. 2134. It is missing on the main folder listing and all individual episode listings within the playlist, but when you highlight the...
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    CE's for the Weekend of 5.11

    Was just messing around with the closed captioning, and even the standard option is larger than I remember on the NR, so let's hope that stays throughout. I've used CC a lot more over the past 6 months since my 1st child was born.. and I definitely need the CE size!
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    CE's for the Weekend of 5.11

    Just did the download and gladly noticed that for some reason the closed captioning is larger than what it was just 10 minutes earlier on NR. And the settings are all the same. I remember being mad that the 'Large' CC was not very large on the NR. Did seem to lose my Youtube and Pandora for...
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    CE's for the Weekend of 5.11

    I'm currently not on CE software and have seen this transparency show up before the last CE sw i downloaded. But I don't remember seeing anyone else talk about having transparency within the menu listings. Also, I've had the same software for probably the last 3 weeks and only 2 nights ago did...
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    CE's for the Weekend of 4.20

    and that's the last we'd hear of the great dfergie.. :: lowers head ::
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    CE's for the Weekend of 4.20

    After posting that last post, I was doing stuff around the house, the receiver had reset and was just on live tv. About 10 minutes later I walk in the room and see it cycling thru another reset for some reason. No one presssed a button and the other receivers were inactive as well. Maybe it...
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    CE's for the Weekend of 4.20

    Some crankiness showing up. Attempted to watch a recording from another DVR w/o new software on the DVR w/ the new software, pressed play, screen went to live tv instead and no whole-home receivers show up on either box. Then while watching Weather channel, pressed red button to access local...