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    Cablevision to go 3D next week!

    3D at a Retailer Scott, I live in Torrington,CT. Are there any Retailers in CT that will have the 3D Ranger game on display this Wednesday? Thanks , Murray
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    Triple Play

    My triple play ran out so I called. When I said I was going to satellite (Dish) they did not offer me anything . The retention CSR said she could not give me any discounts either. So I am back with AT&T phone and Dish. AT& T Elite and all distance is $78.00 with the Fed line charges etc. It...
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    Dish 6.3 Remote batteries don't last

    I have three 6.3 Dish remotes. I programm the "SAT" for my 722 and the "AUX" for my Bell 5100. Think this is the only remote that will allow you to program the "AUX" key for another receiver. I am constantly have to replace batteries usually less than a month. I have several other Dish remotes...
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    Express vu 6000 And 6100 what is difference?

    I just bought a 6100. Am I correct that this is a Dish Network 411? If so which Dish model would be the same as a 6000? What are the diffewrences between the two recievers? Is there a feature comparison chart? Thanks for any help. Murray
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    Bell change no sales only rentals?

    BEV rental only I do have an a BEV account. My old 5100 hard drive is dying so I wanted a 5900. Neither Kusat or Canam can or will ship one. My cousin in Ontario tried to buy the receiver but BEV would not sell it to him unless he had an account. He has his own BEV aaccount so they wanted to...
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    Bell change no sales only rentals?

    I have tried to purchase a 5900 through both Kusat And CaAm with out any luck. Kusat sent me the following email: Hi Murray; An I apologize for not getting this out to you as previously promised but Bell has made a 180deg turn and made it even more clear last week that we can not sell...
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    Need new ExpressVu 5900

    Thanks for the help. I went to Kusat and ordered a new 5900. The reason ExpressVu will not rent receivers is because they don't have company installers in PEI so they are afraid of fraud. I realize I am on shady ground having a ExpressVu account in the USA but this was the most legitimate way to...
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    Need new ExpressVu 5900

    My 5100 is slowly passing away. I spent 3 hours with the tech's at Bell. It sounds like the hard drive is going. I can watch live tv but if I try to record it locks up. It also locks up sometimes when I am watching in a recorded program. Bell offered a a exchange for a reconditioned 5800 $150.00...
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    Expressvu PVR's monthly charge

    In the USA, Dish older PVR's (DVR"S) 501, 508 & 721's do not have a monthly fee. Newer models like the 510, 522 etc have a $5.00 per receiver monthly charge. The monthly charge is waived if you subscribe to the 120 or higher package. Does Expressvu charge a monthly fee for any of their...
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    Swap Dish 721 for 5220, 5800, 5900 Expressvu

    Anyone interested in a swap? I have a Dish 721 to trade for for a Expressvu 5200, 5800 or 5900. I removed the 721 from my account. No outstanding charges. I will email the receiver & smartcard numbers. I want to add the Expressvu receiver to my account so the receiver must be free of all...
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    Activating a Bell Expressvu new smartcard in USA

    As you may have read I have a cottage in Prince Edward Island Canada. I was there a couple of weeks ago & purchased a 3100 system. I also owned a 5100 PVR receiver. I called & activated both receivers. The older 5100 needed a new smartcard as much of the programming was blocked out. I brought...
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    Where can I buy Expressvu on Prince Edward Island?

    Thanks for the answers! Since I am pressed for time I decided to buy the receiver from a Charlottetown Radio Shack store. The price is $99.00 with free installation if I agree to sub to 2 years of service. The Radio Shack Sales Associate said that only a single LNB dish comes with the package...
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    New D* Satellites for Local HD

    It is my understanding that D* is launching several new satellites so D* can offer local HD stations. I have a few questions: 1) How many satellites (and how much do they cost) to service the entire US with local HD? 2) Why bother with all the individual locals, why not just a "national"...
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    Where can I buy Expressvu on Prince Edward Island?

    When you say unplugged does this mean not hooked up to a dish or just plugged into the wall without any cables connected? Thanks Murray
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    Where can I buy Expressvu on Prince Edward Island?

    I own a cottage on PEI. I would like to get Bell Expressvu installed. I have a 5100 Bell receiver that needs the new smartcard. It works fine as I have it hooked to a Dish but it only receives the preview stations plus the Canadian "Biography Channel". I figured I would buy a cheap system in PEI...