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    DirecTV 11 Satellite - Tracking & Testing

    It's official: Boeing turns control of Direct-11.... [
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    Echostar XI ready for launch July 15th - Official SeaLaunch Annoncement

    ---------------- July 16th was the last date i saw....I'm sure someone will correct that, if wrong!.
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    Echostar XI ready for launch July 15th - Official SeaLaunch Annoncement

    SeaLaunch's webcam is active with the upcoming launch of Dish's Echostar XI satellite. Sea Launch Webcam page Sea Launch is now preparing for the launch of the EchoStar XI direct broadcast satellite this July. On this mission, a Zenit-3SL vehicle will lift the 5,511 kg (12,150 lb) spacecraft -...
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    NFL Sunday Ticket--MPEG 4??

    ------------------------ From their e-mail msg to me......... URGENT! FREE HD UPDATE REQUIRED! Call 1-888-763-7772. DIRECTV will broadcast nearly every NFL SUNDAY TICKET game this year in high definition with SuperFan. In order to enjoy the games in HD, we'll need to upgrade your current HD...
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    Cutting Edge Discussion Thread(was anticipation)

    Any word on release notes yet???
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    HR20-700 CE Release 5/23

    D/Loading 0x023D for HR-20-700
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    DirecTV 11 Satellite - Tracking & Testing

    Testing starts soon.........FCC authority... ----------------- On May 20, 2008, the Policy Branch granted with conditions DIRECTV Enterprises, LLC (DIRECTV) request for special temporary authority for a period of 30 days commencing on May 25, 2008, to operate the DIRECTV 11 satellite (Call...
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    HR20-ALL CE Release for 5/9 & 5/10

    Now D/L ver. 0x0233 for my HR20-700.
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    DirecTV Q1 Earnings Call Coverage

    Transcript of call: DIRECTV Q1 2008 Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha
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    HR20-700 CE Release w/e 5-2

    HR20-700....ver. is 0x0230
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    Any word yet on the new HR20 CE?

    D/L 0x0230 for my HR-20-700 now. Unknown new features have been promised...
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    HR20-ALL CE Release 4/25 & 4/26

    Downloading ver. 0X022e for the HR20-700 now....I think this is the start of a new CE cycle..
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    DTV Bangor, Maine locals

    The DIRECTV Group, Inc. - MEDIA ADVISORY - DIRECTV Launches Local and Broadcast Network Channels in Bangor, Maine
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    D*RM is here for all to feast on

    ================= In all the statements I have seen from DirecTV, they have stated that this new policy, applies to PPV MOVIES only. Other PPV events(including sports etc) will not change. Let's hope they keep to that they have put the blame on the studios for this, it would be...
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    HR20-ALL CE Release 4/4 & 4/5

    Earl, over at Dbstalk, describes this C/E this way: Most a maintenance fix, with the Boolean Search features removed. So, if you use the Boolean search feature, better pass on this one.... No new features.