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    Captiveworks CW-600

    Have you tried the channel up and down keys or the page up/down keys on the remote to switch between E and W?
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    Diseqc/ecoda power output

    Thanks guys. That will make it much easier!:)
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    Diseqc/ecoda power output

    Ok, but are both ports powered with 13/18 volt (whatever pol. i selected) at the same time or (hopefully) just one?
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    Diseqc/ecoda power output

    Tried to find the answer using 'search' but gave up after 12 or 15 pages of results... Question: On a 4x1 DiseqC switch, are all ports powered or just the one I am switching to? Same question for an 22khz-switch (ecoda) I am planing to add more dishes/lnb's to my setup, but my concern is that...
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    Lowering LNB Temperature

    ...not sure if they mentioned it in the videos. But he is at least 3000 miles away from the edge of the footprint. I was reading about it in the German version and was very impressed. Just my 2 cents...
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    Would like to discuss Box channel lists.

    I bet you tried it already... 1) Make a factory reset 2) Boot the box while using the switch on the back 3) set your lat and lon for usals 4) modify the settings for ONE satellite, move to the sat and save 5) go to the blind scan, make sure the satellite is marked and ONLY this satellite 6)...
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    FTA KU dish with LNB bracket for two LNBs

    If I got you right, the best thing to do would be using a dual LNB.
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    Hi i'am new here can anyone help

    Intelsat 805 @ 55.5W Jamaica News Network - 3606 V RE TV - 3735 V Intelsat 707 53.0W SportsMax - 3820 R
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    Actuator question

    There we go. That's exactly my problem! I will give it a try tonight. Thanks Lak7.
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    Actuator question

    Thanks so far. Right now I am using an DG2100, which doesn't seem to be the "original" (flea-bay crap?). When i " fine tune" my setup, let's say from 112 true south to the east, it works good. If i now move over to the west from my true south i have a "movement" of about 1 degree at the motor...
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    Actuator question

    Hi there. what actuator would be needed to move a 1 meter offset within ~120/130 degrees? 12", 18", 24" or 34" I played with some H-H motors and there is too much movement, for my taste, when i move from one site of my true south to the other side of my true south (almost 1 degree here and...
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    Can find fta sats

    Someone asked for a satellite file for the VS ULTRA. I put one together during my little breaks at work. There is no guarantee all that it's working :)
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    Amazonas 61.0°W

    I bet is asking for 61.5W not 61W :cool: ...and if the footprint is correct, you would be out of coverage anyway. ...or 61W C-Band?
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    QPH-031 setup

    Oh, ok... i can live with that. At least it makes sense now... :eureka Someone should tell them that they have a bug in the tech-spec-fact-sheet-whatever-page :D
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    QPH-031 setup

    I am not sure either about the purpose of my question. It was just the fact that I was reading the fact sheet for the LNB :) But anyway... I can't find any bird on the US arc with H/V signals over 12.2 ...and as Iceberg wrote: I might just thinking too hard :D That's what's always happening...