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    3/6/2013 3:47pm - Uplink Activity Report - 36 changes

    Nice to see KCZ, no more having to set manual timers from antenna.
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    How long with Dish?

    November 1996, when you had to buy a year of programing in advance and install your own dish. I believe it was May 1996 when dish begin.
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    Programming dispute with Schurz Communications that owns the tv stations in Springfield, Missouri.

    I don't see crawl this morning. Must have settled dispute. Hope we get CW in HD now.
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    2/29/2012 6:18pm - Uplink Activity Report - 167 changes

    Looks like they are still doing a little ota epg. Just wish they would do our CW and FOX ota epg in Springfield Mo. market.
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    Questions for the Dish Tech Team?

    I would like to second neutron's question. We have had our CW network in HD for well over a year now, OTA, and still no guide info. Dish has the same channel in sd with full guide data. This is channel 015-00 KCZ in the Springfield Mo. market. Same channel OTA in HD is 033-02 CW1, digital...
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    OTA EPG Info Incorrect or Displaying 'Digital Service'

    Springfield Mo. Market 015-00 in SD off Satellite, (CW) info ok 033-02 in HD off Antenna (CW) same channel as above KCZ, digital service info more than a year now, makes it hard to record without guide info. 005-00 in SD off Satellite (FOX KRBK) dish does have it uplinked in HD, maybe turn...
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    4/13/2011 3:16pm - Uplink Activity Report - 38 changes

    Still no guide info for our local CW on 33-02 in Springfield Mo off the antenna, KCZ channel 15 on dish in SD. Only way to get it in HD is from antenna, been on 33-02 near a year now and no guide info. Come on Dish, give it to us in HD off sat, or give us some guide info off antenna. Be nice to...
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    7/21/2010 3:26pm - Uplink Activity Report - 23 changes

    KRBK on western arc now, maybe we can get epg info soon.
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    6/23/2010 3:06pm - Uplink Activity Report - 123 changes

    We have audio and video tonight for KRBK. The picture is not HD, but it looks pretty good. It's only available on the EA so far.
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    6/23/2010 3:06pm - Uplink Activity Report - 123 changes

    I only have a pink screen with audio for KRBK. Maybe they didn't mean to make it available yet. I wish they would get info in the guide for our local CW(33.2) off the antenna. I watch the uplink every for this to happen.
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    (RUMOR) This weeks new DISH HD Launches are...

    I would be happy to get guide info for my local CW off my antenna in Springfield Mo. Our local CW was moved to a different bandwidth so we can get it in HD, but no info in guide yet from E.
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    Shows on EHD are erased after watching! Known problem?

    I have also lost 3 movies off my EHD over the last couple of weeks after selecting done. Seems like it will kinda freeze up a few seconds, then go to the list of recorded shows. When I checked the list, the movie is gone.
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    OK who has been a E sub the longest?

    I started with a 2000 receiver in Nov. 1996 when you had to pay for a year of programming in advance plus your receiver. My parents started in August of 1996 and I done all the installs for them and myself and around 100 other people for free. Dish started in the spring of 1996.
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    8/19/2009 12:29pm - Uplink Activity Report - 49 changes

    It sure is nice to see KYTV, and KSPR uplinked, hope they turn them on soon.
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    Eastern Arc Dish Info & Install Guide

    Do you have to have a 44 switch, or will a DP34 switch work? I have 3 dish 500's and was thinking of doing the same thing. I would need to come up with 2 more dp duals.