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    What Satellites for NM?

    Thank You! And what is the post diameter I would need for the 1000.2 dish mounting?
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    What Satellites for NM?

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    What Satellites for NM?

    Moving and thinking of switching from DirecTV to Dish. What satellites do I need to see for full coverage from near Albuquerque, NM? What is the designation for the newest dish?
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    Galaxy 19 Ku Low Signal Quality

    Good to Go! What a big dummy (I am)! Always watchful of the distant treeline to make sure they don't interfere with the birds I need, when I re-pointed for Galaxy 19 I didn't notice a limb encroaching from a near tree that was ABOVE my dish. I thought it was well above my line-of-sight, but a...
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    Galaxy 19 Ku Low Signal Quality

    I did the "string thing" a couple of years ago on my dish and had about 1/2" gap where the strings crossed. I flexed the dish (without removing it from the pole) until the strings just kissed. I had checked my Father-in-Law's, before I mounted it, on a concrete floor (and yes I rotated the...
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    I heard the Shuttle this morning! And saw it too.

    I've always regretted not making it to a Saturn V launch. I've seen two shuttle launches and hope to make it back down for one of the remaining 3.
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    Galaxy 19 Ku Low Signal Quality

    I peaked on 11842, because that was the primary target. I played with the skew, which has a fairly slow peaking response. Don't get me wrong, I ended up with ~200 watchable TV channels on Galaxy 19, but the margin is so very low compared to AMC4. A little rain and I've got nothing.
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    Galaxy 19 Ku Low Signal Quality

    I have re-pointed two different Ku systems from 101° to 97° and am having a tough time getting decent signal levels on Galaxy 19. Both systems are using 90cm dishes and Mercury II receivers with a single LNB. I bought a new LNB for my dish to see if if made any difference. Nope. After much...
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    Thinking of upgrading to directv HD

    Have you looked at your D* account online for upgrade options? I have been with them for several years with the same equipment and right now I could upgrade to HD with the new dish and free installation for no hardware cost whatsoever. Just the monthly subscription fees.
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    Bestbuy Digital OTA Boxes

    They are stacked pretty high here in VA as well. The basic $59 Insignia box with the government $40 coupon is a pretty good deal for Best Buy and the consumer. I bought one of the Insignia boxes and it works as well (composite video) as my $200 Samsung box, just doesn't have the features and...
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    Ungrounded Wildblue

    You can find many spirited debates on the WildBlue forum sites, and WB has changed how they require the dish to be grounded, but I don't believe it makes a spec of difference for speed/performance. It is required for installation, however, and if you don't have a grounded system, it is an...
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    Glorystar Dual LNB Upgrade Kit

    String tested my dish a while back and found ~ 5/8" separation between the strings at the crossover. Flexed the dish on the mount until the strings just kissed. Raised my quality by 20 points on Gospel Music Channel. It wasn't that hard to fix on the pole, but makes me wonder if it won't...
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    Where Have All the PPV Movies Gone?

    I think the day after I posted my complaint, the PPV schedule returned in full. Maybe it was the Master's Golf tournament. Still, it shows how strained they are for bandwidth. Those of us who live in rural America still appreciate PPV. I don't have access to high-speed internet, the movie...
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    Where Have All the PPV Movies Gone?

    I guess I understood during football season when most of the PPV channels are shut down on the weekends, but what gives now? Only about 1/3 of the PPV channels are available during the week. Are they that hard pressed for bandwidth that they are shutting down channels? And why all of the...
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    So, I wrote a letter about locals...

    Don't sweat it. If you go OTA digital, you will have a better picture than DirecTV delivers anyway. (At least that is true for Wash DC locals) And no monthly charge.