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    Reconfigure EpicVue Dish (Winegard T4) for Dish Network

    i have an EpicVue dish that was configured for DirectTV. I have set this up to try and get it going on my Dish Network VIP211K instead of the King Tailgater. ive followed the directions on this document --> DIP switches, and did the...
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    OTHER Tuners for a headend setup

    i guess i would have to actually like my neighbors to do that. Thinking about it though, when someone turns me in for "cable theft" and they come looking and realize its not "their" signal, it would be priceless to tell them to GTFO.. (assuming of course the small technical point of whos signal...
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    OTHER Tuners for a headend setup

    i completely agree with you on the overkill thing... there has to be a payoff in the end... im not sure what ill do to be honest, its an interesting option for sure...
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    OTHER Tuners for a headend setup

    yes they are SD channelized, although I can see how to change the channel on them..
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    OTHER Tuners for a headend setup

    In my endless quest to overbuild everything ive aquired a used but very serviceable headend setup. It has 50 modulators (channels 1-50) 3 combiners and about 30 motorola dct700 catv boxes. I've got 5 KU band dishes and a 12ft cband that can be parked on a bird and provide my own custom cable...
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    Dish restoration advice

    its a supply issue, if the supply is low, get everything you can and sort out whats good and whats not.. I've been a junker / scrapper for years and one thing that i always live by is "when the gettin' is good, get it all... sort it out later..." from what i see that isnt that bad, but my...
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    8ft and 10ft pole size?

    Radio HAMs have this down to an art... now im adding dishes... "Well honey i could be out drinking and chasing young girls!..." lol... Chris
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    AVL 1278 Antennas, what are they good for?

    Update on this,.. i mounted the dishes on a Military S-280 Shelter and built the inside as a Radio Room, the shelter will either go on a M-1061 trailer or the back of a Military 5 ton (although im concerned about height of the 5ton with it) I used Uni-Strut to build a frame on top of the...
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    AVL 1278 Antennas, what are they good for?

    hey bernard, the system is still very infantile, although it works, it takes fiddling... ive moved the electronics to single custom designed boards, but there are some issues to work out. the best thing to do in the short term i can tell you is to hook up a power supply and reverse switches...
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    Got a 12ft C-band dish, need help identifying it

    I acquired a 12 ft c-band dish, it was on the ground and needed some work. its missing the lna assembly I'd like to identify it. its 12ft, aluminum, in 8 slices.. The attached pictures are right after pickup, it was buried in the ground a bit.. its aluminum, and free so if it was junk, i...
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    Anyone Recognize this Coax?

    yea i just discovered there is such a thing, with 1000' feet of it, id like to put it to work... Ill hook it up tomorrow and see how it does... I was thinking of setting up a 50 ohm dummy load at the end of 10', send a sig in and see if the SWR is 1:1 (50ohm) or 1.5:1 (75ohm).. Chris
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    USB Charger Causing Radio Interference -RFI

    ive had those cig chargers full up BLANK OUT strong FM stations in the car.. they are awful.. absolute crap...
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    Anyone Recognize this Coax?

    Ive not seen coax quite like this, and im sitting on about 1000 ft of it.. Im planning on a rather simple (prbably ineffective) impedance test to see where its at, but wanted to see if it looked familiar to anyone.. there is NO WRITING on the jacket, and the spool is long gone... its got a...
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    AVL 1278 Antennas, what are they good for?

    Bernard, Yes it is working, I haven't moved everything to a single board yet, but will soon. Yes, the software is mine. it's been going well, having some fun moving the dishes around a lot, letting the neighbors wonder what the heck I'm doing... sometimes I'll move 2 at once just to get...
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    Need a favor from someone in the north part of Metro Atlanta on EA

    Leaving the ham for atl.. that sucks...what I've done is set my portable dish tailgater up with the ham zip code 35243 and got locals that way.. dunno how far away it works though... been as far away as Florida j It was just fine.. gotta have local football and some James spann... Roll tide...