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    Satellite Name Changes Coming

    The .pdf keept locking me up.... Neal
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    G16 to replace G4R this weekend

    The swap has happened. You should see an increase in RSL as G16 has more powerful amps onboard. Neal
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    Crazy Request: Satellite Pictures?

    I have heard stories of negative lookangles in Alaska where some antennas were getting a better return bouncing off the ice sheets. :eek: Neal
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    Crazy Request: Satellite Pictures?

    My favorite teleport Raisting, Germany. Neal
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    Ever heard of TDRS-7?

    I am pretty sure the big farm near Gilbert is the DISH teleport. Neal
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    G10 Issues?

    Looks like some weather at Little Rock. I think that is where the Tx is at. Neal
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    Fixed 90cm FortecStar pointed at 93w + 123w.. suggestions.

    Without an elliptical reflector I don't think you will have enough surface, Give it a try and see what happens. Neal
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    Spectrum Analyzers

    I have operated: Tektronix 1705 Avcom PSA-37D HP 8591A (I think that was the model number) Aeroflex IFR 2975 I really like the Aeroflex - it was slow but had lots of cool features. Avcom has some pretty nice units out now too, but one just has to spend big $$$. Neal
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    Farthest Satellite to the East???

    He should be able to get AB1. Thanks for the thumbnaail, I always forget. VTRs (SP/SX only) Marshall and Iky HD monitors. No switcher on board. 4 TT1260s and 2 TT1280s Neal
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    Much easier to get a new controller. Neal
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    C-band EIRP numbers?

    I didn’t think you would have too much of a problem. We have rigged a C-band feed horn on the 1.8m to do a net return off of a different satellite than what we were on with the 4.6m. It was an analog VCII with a few sparkles (due to < 2 degree compliancy). Neal
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    Farthest Satellite to the East???

    He should be able to hit stuff below 15. When I was in Philly I got all the way over to Atlantic Bird 2 with the 1.8. T12 does have some stuff worth watching on it though. T12 Ku and G4R C-band Neal
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    C-band EIRP numbers?

    There is certianly nothing holding one back from using a small antenna on an isolated C-band bird. Neal
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    I believe it does if you set your satellite as mentioned above. Honestly I have not fiddled with it much as whenever I go out I have a 1.8m or 2.4m along for Ku birds. What controller unit came with the antenna? Neal