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    No Sabres Game

    Buffalo Sabres play ottawa at 700 tonight and still an error message on alt channel 452 and nhln isnt playing the game. Any explanations?
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    Center Ice HD

    Yeah, MSGHD not being on Dish is killing me. I was watching the sabres thrashers game on ch.446 last night on the HDTV and had it streched out and my dad was like "this isnt in HD is it? i was like no Dad it isnt.... only the home games are in HD" (if only i was telling the truth)
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    NHL Network Woes

    Do you think they will broadcast the games this thursday that arent on versus or nhl network on CI even thought he EPG isnt updated yet? Well do you think they'll update it by Thursday?
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    NHL Network Woes

    How come i dont see any Regular season games on CI in the EPG for Thursday and Friday and like everyday??!?!
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    NHLCI 625-639

    After ordering the NHLCI package about an hour and a half ago I still dont have 625-639. I only have life four channels. It showed up in my purchase history. Are they not adding them till the actual season starts because i checked on the site and they only have like 5 pre season games airing on...
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    NHL Center Ice

    yeah they were uplinked a whiiiile back.(well not that longa go but more than a few months i know for sure) maybe we will see MSGHD-AVAILABLE for the new national hd channels that we dont know of yet? anybody know when and or if these channels will be available. ever?
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    Possible HD Channels to soon be up

    Iam so anxious to knoww!! lol:rolleyes:
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    NHL Center Ice auto renew charge already!!!

    Of coarse!!! Last year was great. The recent pricing of Center Ice on the dish site has made my day . Looking forward to this upcoming HD season :hatsoff:
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    HDMI questions...

    How can you find out what it goes to on your tv? you know 1080p/?
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    Dish Network and Yes Network

    The weather's very humid today up here in Niagara Falls just bought a new recliner perfect for my living room.
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    HDMI questions...

    The only reason i want this HDMI setup is for the 1080p. Because i click rent it says r u sure you want to order this i dont click anything then i wait like 5-7 seconds then it says you are not compatible. If i click the confirmation before it says you are not compatible will it charge me? And...
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    HDMI questions...

    Thank you very much. Know if i were to buy HDMI would i just keep the component cables in and put it in HDMI one or take the component cables out?
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    HDMI questions...

    how do i know if i have component or HDMI? while i kow i dont have HDMI because the ports dont have a cable in them that say HDMI port 1 and HDMI port 2 neither does the receiver. But the only thing running into my tv is a power source and some Audio video cables ( like you use for your xbox)
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    Dish to add any new RSN's anytime soon?

    Yeah but what about adding new ones?? I only get two RSN's for teams i dont even watch Mets and Indian :(:(
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    Dish to add any new RSN's anytime soon?

    E-mail? And how do you know it willbe for the sabres. I was just informed that it might not even be FSNNY it will prob be a MSG RSN.