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    seen ad on tsn hd today

    TSN2 can only allot 10% of its programming to live events, so you won't see a ton of "PRIME" stuff dumped to TSN2, there isn't room. Outside of that 10%, TSN2 will mainly be repeats of stuff that originally aired on TSN as per CRTC license.
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    Dish settings

    Satellite Look-Angle Calculator
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    DirecTV Loyalty Progam

    I hope that everyone is realistic with what they expect with this. I mean new customer deals will still be better than loyalty rewards, it is just the nature of the beast. That being said, I am hoping for free Titanium package for a year. :hungry: DIRECTV - TITANIUM
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    Baseball on extra FSN Channels

    MLB EI was just on a free preview so that might explain games in the clear over the past week.
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    New D* ad advertising 130 HD channels by end of year!

    last day of summer = Sept 20
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    DirecTV Rumor: MPEG2 to MEPG4 HD Mirroring / NEW HD Info

    Hey Jason, I am confused, there are no (east or west) HD RSNs that are being broadcast in MPEG2.
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    NHL Blackout explanation

    Using you as an example, you would be blacked out of Rangers/Islanders/Devils games on NHL Network and HDNET. You would see all Rangers/NYI/NJ games on MSG, MSG+, VS., and NBC. Games on VS. and NBC are never blacked out regardless of who is playing. HDNET and NHLNET are subject to local...
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    Most Significant Sports Trade You Can Recall

    I was in high school and I cried when Oilers traded/sold Wayne Gretzky.
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    Directv with HD in Calgary

    Ya you mean KA, it is used for spot beam locals and MPEG4 HD which is what all HD on DTV will be in the future (ie less than a year).
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    Directv with HD in Calgary

    Get the slimline. the 3lnb won't give you HD very much longer (a year ish). You should be good in Calgary with the slimline.
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    Sports Conspiracy Theories You Believed In

    Really, that is one of your basis for consiacy theory, a goal that neither CBC or NBC announce crews strongly spoke out againt as being no goal. I mean we aren't talking Dallas Stars, Brett Hull foot in the crease here. You realize that Mick "McGoo" waived off an Oilers goal in that series...
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    Expressvu in Palm Desert

    Directv and Dishnetwork show Hockey Night in Canada (and TSN and SNET) games in their NHLCI packages. TW might show some as well.