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    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    Huntington Beach, CA Free Kaul-Tronics or Winegard 7-1/2 foot (my listing).
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    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced Satellite Meter. This is the best contest EVER. __ Neil
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    New Posts not getting all new posts

    Same again. Board says my last activity was Aug 9 @ 1:46pm, but the New FTA Posts results and the individual highlighting of new threads thinks my last activity was Aug 19 @ around 6:30pm. Seems the board can't look back more than about 5 or 6 days. Maybe it's limited to number of threads or...
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    New Posts not getting all new posts

    Bad again today. Last activity was 7/30 @ 3:51pm (not quite 10 days ago). First message that the board thought was new to me in the FTA areas was 8/3 @ 10:45pm (not quite 6 days ago). As a result, the board failed to mark 21 threads in FTA, 1 thread in FTAshack, 11 threads in CBand, 11...
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    Put yourself on the Map!

    Added my location. What do the different colors mean? __ Neil
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    New Posts not getting all new posts

    No issues with this today. _ Neil
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    My experience with Geosat Pro SL1PLL

    Is that right? Are they selling new 84e dishes? _ Neil
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    New Posts not getting all new posts

    Scott, Have been noticing this for quite a while now, but haven't bothered to make detailed notes until today. The problem affects the site in two different ways. Here's the first. So my normal routine is to logon, click the NewPosts dropdown and select New Free To Air posts, read what...
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    Poll: What type of Dish Configuration Do you Use?

    Motor & Fixed Ku Primestar 84e on the motor (using 1.2 commands currently) fixed dishes on 83W, 103W and 125W. Currently running through one 4:1 Diseqc switch. Upgrading in the next few weeks to dual LNBs all around connected to two 4/4 multiswitches, in turn connected to two 4:1 Diseqc...
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    What types of modulations can the microHD demodulate?

    Sorry, Brian, I have a go-back on this one. I scanned some feeds on 103W yesterday. Didn't notice the parameters at the time, but when I looked at them later, the feeds were gone and the info screen showed (HBCD). I've reconfirmed that now that I'm back home. I'm doing a detailed blind scan...
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    microHD Quality Meter Linearity?

    Yep, can't argue with that, Brian. Just something I noticed different from other receivers I've played with. Spent the afternoon looking at a few transponders with my new microHD, my AZBox Premium HD, and my old standby Coolsat 4000 Pro. Used a Primestar 84e on an SG2100 motor. Used the...
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    What types of modulations can the microHD demodulate?

    Some of the intermittent news feed on AMC1 (103W) are HBCD and will lock for me. _ Neil
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    microHD Quality Meter Linearity?

    One other thing I noticed is the Signal Level is always 90 if you have a signal, 45 if there's no signal. Have never seen anything else. In the full screen meter, the left most bar is the newest sample. __ Neil
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    microHD Quality Meter Linearity?

    So far, microHD quality meter seems to be on par with that of my AZBox Premium. Can't remember my CS4K anymore and have no experience with the Openbox receivers. __ Neil