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    merury II/amc 6 72.0 w

    I'm using a merc II ver 1.39 Mar 2 2007 and also get invalid parameter when trying to manually add the transponder.
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    MythDora & VP-1020a Woes

    there is no scan available for DVB under Linux that I am aware of so you need to enter each transponder frequency and symbol rate. It will scan the transponder and usually find all the programs/channels sent on it. It sometimes has problems getting channels on transponders where they are not...
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    MythDora & VP-1020a Woes

    I have a working DVB-S setup using Knoppmyth and a 102G card so I may be able to help. I have my computer set on the pass thru from my set top box since it does not seem to correctly set the LNB voltage to control polarity. Possibly you are running into the same situation which is why you are...
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    Twinhan Visionplus 1020a

    KnoppMyth & VLC KnoppMyth comes with VLC preinstalled :eureka There is save/stream capability in VLC but I have not used it. Looks like it will save either the entire transport stream or just an individual program. It also has setting for transcoding what it saves to a different codec.
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    Twinhan Visionplus 1020a

    4:2:2 & Mythtv Note that currently MythTV does not support 4:2:2 HD. 4:2:0 support is excellent. I'm using a Twinhan 102G card in my MythBox on a P4 3.2 Ghz 512MB RAM and a Nvidia Gforce FX 5200 and have no problems with HD playback. The card supports 4:2:2 it's just the playback used by...
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    SatelliteAV Motorized System Giveaway, We Have a Winner!

    I'd go for the Visionsat IV-200...already have a Mercury II
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    Splitter / Ground Block

    My local electronics store (Unicorn Electronics) has a decent selection of 5-2050MHz splitters with the grounding block...prices aren't too bad either. They are "Philmore" brand.
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    Twinhan 1025 Dish500 61.5

    I got my C-Band dish back up over the weekend and the HD channels on there work great. Picture is better that what I get on the HD channels on cable. Even better is there are HD channels that I cannot get locally. Now I'm going to need to get a bigger drive for my MythTV box. At 12GB+ an hour...
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    Twinhan 1025 Dish500 61.5

    all I can find on 12545 is CBCHE:12545:V:0:20000:4369:4372:802 which appears to be scrambled. I can hear audio and get the guide info for this channed which makes me think it is not the HD Demo. when I try 12545:V:1:200000:4385:4386:829 I can only get a partial lock. Can someone confirm the...
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    Twinhan 1025 Dish500 61.5

    Can anyone confirm that there are currently FTA channels on Nimiq2 82.0W? I have my dish pointed there, Mercury II shows [BellExpressVu 82.] in antenna setup when on active transponder, but can't seem to pickup any FTA. My SQ is a bit low because it's partially obstructed by a tree but I've...
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    Twinhan 1025 Dish500 61.5

    oh well...guess that's more motivation to get my C-Band up again.
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    Twinhan 1025 Dish500 61.5

    I just got a Twinhan 1025 and wanted to check out the HD demo channel on 61.5 to see how Mythtv handles HD video. I currently have a DISH500 setup at 110/119 and would like to move it over to 61.5 temporarily. What elevation and skew should I be using. Zipcode 13760. ps: can't use my cband...
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    Win A Glorystar System! - Enter Here!

    Welcome Glorystar
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    GI 650I, MercuryII & C/KU Dish

    I'm trying to figure out how to hook up both KU and C-Band on the analog GI 650I with my setup. What I have currently setup id a BUD with C and KU band LNBs that are fed into a 4 port diseqc switch . The Diseqc is connected to the Mercury II. The Mercury II works fine for receiving both C and...
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    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Endicott, NY USA