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    AMC-8 and Galaxy-16

    Thank you. This will be a big help. I will respond back with results after I try to aim the dish.
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    AMC-8 and Galaxy-16

    Can anyone tell me a currently active transponder on AMC8. This satellite is 12 degrees low and hard for me to see, so I would like to make sure I am using an active signal to try to aim at.
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    Stuck Nut on the elevation bolt on C-band big dish

    I've had good luck sometimes using the tiny Dremel cutoff wheels, to cut into a nut enough to make it possible to remove it. I try to cut into it enough to make it possible to spread it, or split it away from the bolt. This works good on a nut that you can't get a good position for leverage on...
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    Can Magnetizing Of A Steel Dish Be A Criminal Behavior?

    It might be best to wait until July 4th to avoid arousing suspicion, but if you could detonate a nuclear device, the resulting EMP, or electromagnetic pulse might have an effect on someone's dish, as well as any other electronic devices a person has, within a three continent radius of your location.
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    AZBOX Official announcement and launch of AzBox United States

    I bought my MicroHD from the fellow in Kentucky at Is he an authorized MicroHD dealer also?
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    Micro HD Antenna connector spins

    I love the Micro HD and I take it everywhere I go. (to the garage, and back to the house), but I think the practice of connecting it and disconnecting it multiple times has caused a problem. A few days ago the thing that sticks out the back that the antenna connects to started spinning and...
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    GEOSATpro microHD Feature Request

    I would like to see the box that appears after a scan be made a little smaller, so that the results of the scan can be seen better. I sometimes do a blind scan to find out if the dish is pointed at anything or not, and then use Lyngsat or other information to identify what it is pointed at if...
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    GEOSATpro The channel names on 139W?

    I did read in another thread that the channel tables on AMC8 are not standard compliant or something like that, so that's probably what I'm asking about. My Azbox will blind scan 139W and report with text channel names, but I obviously cannot listen to them with the Azbox. The Micro HD does a...
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    GEOSATpro ON/OFF Reboot Looping

    I received the adapter cable today. I got the 3.50 model from China. With shipping it was 5 dollars. I also had to remove the black plastic blocks from the wires because they would not all fit into the 4 pin connector on the receiver. I spliced them to the CDROM cable that I tried to use...
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    GEOSATpro ON/OFF Reboot Looping

    I tried a few different level converters but the program would not see them. All of the devices I tried to use are 9 pin serial, and I was connecting them to a USB to serial port adapter. I think that might be part of the problem I am having. I had the MicroHD powered up when I tried to...
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    Installed my new vbox 7

    I bought from the online auction, but haven't received yet, a Research Concepts 1000A also known as RC1K. It's a commercial rack mount dish mover so it's sort of big, but it looks really cool. There is a still some information for it on their website. This model is discontinued but they...
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    GEOSATpro Used microhd for $50 on CL.. why so cheap?

    Maybe the guy that owned it came back and made up with her. I think my ex-wife would have sold my 922 for 10 dollars if I didn't take it with me.
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    GEOSATpro ON/OFF Reboot Looping

    Thanks for that information. I'm going to look at all of it, as soon as I finish kicking myself for forgetting to bid on the Thompson Saginaw 7822260 dish mover that sold for 51 dollars on ebay a few hours ago. I hope another satelliteguy bought it.
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    GEOSATpro ON/OFF Reboot Looping

    Mine is rebooting after I did something with the editor. I thought I took the udf out of it, and I added some names to channels and tried to send the file back to the receiver, and I did something wrong. I ordered the cable to fix it today. I really like that little box and I'll miss it until...
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    SAMI 10Ft Dish Opinion

    I left off the decimals. I usually put 38.4 and 75.4 in my receivers. That's pretty close for Pittsville Maryland.