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    how to watch dtv on laptop.just keep getting download direct tv player

    how can i watch on my windows 10 laptop.i download the player but it never there any work around?
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    programme guide on 101?

    anybody know what transponder the programme guide is on?on sat 101
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    fx on demand channel 1248 can`t download or watch on demand

    i have 2 hr 24`s and the same problem on both.i can get other on demand channels but not fx i thought it was something with fx.i wanted to watch mayans and was able to get the first episode season 2 but the others just say content unavailable now try again later.all the other programmes on fx...
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    fx on demand channel 1248 can`t download or watch on demand

    anyone else having a problem with fx on demand?
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    what sd channels are left on 101?

    so eventually everything will be on t15 and and 9s shutdown?
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    what sd channels are left on 101?

    whats the difference between d15 and d9s?
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    what sd channels are left on 101?

    i have friends in mexico that are saying they are losing sd channels down there.i`m told there will be no way to get 93 and 103 the further south you go.will there be any sd left on 101?
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    dtv south of the border.

    i am back in the states now,but i`m wondering if sd channles are still available on 101.i think i read something about a new satellite being moved into that slot
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    hddvr 24 wireless hook up to internet

    i guess i need a wireless video bridge or something similar?i am not using a swm just 2 wires into the ird.what do i need? thanks for any help
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    dtv south of the border.

    yeah i understand that but why does the standard ird reset during the daytime and the hd ird will only reset at night?
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    dtv south of the border.

    i just hooked up a standard def direct tv dvr to my dish down here in southern mexico and the guide loaded and i have all the channels that i am getting with my hdvr.the big difference is that it will load up anytime i unplug it.with hdvr i have to load it up between midnight and 4 or 5 am,it...
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    getting ny locals south of the border?

    i understand that i can pick up dish tv down here in mexico at 77w with a small dish,but would i be able to get ny locals here with a big dish?i believe they are on 110w?
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    usa dishnet in mexico

    thank you i think i`ll give it try next season when i come back down.there will probably be a few more expat dtv users here looking to do the same if it is this easy.