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    So What Do Y'all Think (Signal Levels on HD Satellites)

    Okay, I had my tech out today to realign the dish b/c I was seeing low levels on the new 99a satellite (I have an H21) - and my 103 levels had dropped as well since my install in February. Well, after the fact, everything was pointed perfectly. He checked at the dish, at the ground block...
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    Well The 99 Retrans issue early

    It's strange to flip between ESPN HD in the 70's, and the one on 206. Definitely can tell the difference. I get a 94% signal level on the MPEG-2 version, and a 47% on the MPEG-4, off of the new satellite. As I said in the other thread, luckily I have an appt. for this morning to get the...
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    MPEG2 HD to move to MPEG4 Thursday 7/31

    ESPN HD is definitely coming in off of D11. It looks much sharper - but the way I really know - my signal level is only 47% - and this is off the 99a bird on my H21. Luckily I have a tech coming out this morning to realign. Guess I timed that one right.
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    DIRECTV Remains Clear HD Leader with 130 HD Channels

    Not a Good Kickoff Wow, this really isn't much to celebrate. The big news about the new satellite is 23 RSN's that show HD programming 3 hours a day if that?? And more PPV?? Based on my current setup, I'll see 2 new HD's out of this (ABCF and PG). Yeesh. As others noted, no Travel or...
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    DirecTV 11 Satellite - Tracking & Testing

    Jason, The 3 main satellites, usually low 90's... 103 I get in the 70's. (It used to be high 80's when I was first installed). I called them about it, and they told me readings in the 70's for the HD satellite was fine (which I know it's not optimal)
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    DirecTV 11 Satellite - Tracking & Testing

    Wow - I checked out my signal levels on 99(a) this morning on my H21 - readings were from 44 to 78.
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    H21-200 CE Release 7/3 0x407E

    Also Getting Dropouts Rey- I'm also seeing this since trying out the CE release this past weekend. Just randomly will get the "searching for satellite" popup. Never happened that often before.
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    ran into mess ordering directv

    Deadbeat Erict- He probably does only have a $100 limit - since this is the same guy that refused to pay his prior $700 DirecTV bill. I'm also thinking this service isn't for his "dad". I'm surprised none of you remembered his tag name! :D
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    Executive Center Email Address

    Does anyone here know of any Executive Center level email addresses for DirecTV? DISH Network has one that would put you in touch with the Executive Relations group that would handle issues, complaints, etc. After getting bent over on my $50 referral credit - they told me...
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    Directv lowered the price on the HD DVR

    Still $199 on my account. If anyone can confirm this - I'll be jumping at the offer.
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    E* Takes HD Dump.. How does this effect D*.

    Travel Channel HD Damn- DISH has an HD Direct doesn't?? F! :D Don't care about World Fishing or Hallmark, but really would like to see Travel on DirecTV soon.
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    SWM LNB Rollout Starting?

    Scott- If you get any insider info on how existing customers can get one of these, let us know. My installer only ran 2 of the 4 lines from the Slimline into my house (the other two are outside and snipped off). I have no clue why he did this - but I guess it's my fault for not hawking over...
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    Picture seems to pixelate more on D than it did with E

    Sounds like you are referring to macroblocking instead of pixellation.
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    61.5 transponder 22

    Pollo- Back when I had DISH (i'm in DE), I used to get the lowest readings of any TP's off of 61.5 on 20 and 22. You may need to have your dish re-peaked on those two TP's. A 50 signal level is quite low.
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    How to get an additional $240 off as a new DirecTV customer

    DirecTV Visa New promo - if you sign up for the DirecTV visa card - and use it to pay your bill, you will get $5 off your bill for 12 months - and receive 1000 points.