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    Attempting to use an unknown dish for FTA

    Be real careful covering the whole dish in foil. I and my daughter made a couple of solar cookers with dishes smaller than that one and at the focal point it could boiI water, burn wood, etc, real fast too.
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    OTHER Question about using a Directv Satellite Dish with a FTA reciever.

    On my Slimline dishes I stuck a board into the LNBF arm and then mounted a bracket like the one FTA4PA posted a link to earlier. On mine, the bracket ended up having to be about a 1/2" out from the end of the arm, yours could be different. One thing to remember with a offset dish like yours is...
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    D9854 Help

    It may be your receiver, not all receivers can pull in those channels, I forget what encoding they are, VCM?, I think. Only a few receivers are capable of pulling those channels in, even though they're ITC. I think probably the lack of responses is that no one's familiar with your receiver, so...
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    Montana is coming in fine here but for the last few days ive had pixelation on all the other PBS channels. I'm using a 76 cm fixed dish, which usually is fine unless it's raining.
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    I noted that wallmart's now selling FTA satellite receiver!

    I have one of those sat finders and it's kinda wonky. Sometimes it works good, sometimes it doesn't work at all. My FS1 meter died and I bought that to use until I fixed my FS1. I liked that it uses a phone for an interface, but the menus we're a bit clunky and it just wasn't reliable. :(...
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    I noted that wallmart's now selling FTA satellite receiver!

    That receiver works fine here in the US. There's two versions, blue and orange. The orange has a scart connector but also has HDMI and will work here in the states. Hey, Welcome to SatGuys, ReggieA!
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    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    C band dish free in Chesire CT C-band Satellite Dish - 8 ft Diameter
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    need help identifying pre-slimline dishes

    Opens here with Chrome, no errors.
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    OTHER New to FTA. X2 box. Receiving satellites, but not channels ???

    Also, when you're trying to lock onto a satellite, the Quality bar is the one to watch, not the signal one. The signal bar will always have a reading as long as a lnbf is hooked to the receiver and working. If you actually lock onto a transponder from a satellite, you'll see activity in the...
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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    A big thanks to Brian, Micheal and everyone else that keeps great satellite gear available to us. If it weren't for them, our satellite hobby wouldn't be no where near as good as it is! Sad to see the ASC1 EOL and out of production. I hope things change in the future and it once more becomes...
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    Retrofit My Radioshack Dish Onto My KTI Mount

    Hi John, I don't really know what it's set at, I've had that feed on there for a few years now and when I put it on I just moved it until I got the best signal I could on my meter. The feed on that dish is a Chap C/Ku Corotor, so I had to do some tweaking to get the best of both C and Ku. I...
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    Retrofit My Radioshack Dish Onto My KTI Mount

    Is the lnbf skew right?
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    Retrofit My Radioshack Dish Onto My KTI Mount

    78W is the one I use here too in CT, closest to true south that has anything on it.
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    Retrofit My Radioshack Dish Onto My KTI Mount

    John, are you trying to set declination according to the mount (as if it was all original without the RS dish on it) or going by what the RS dish manual says declination should be? I mounted my 12' Conifer on a different mount and I used the specs for the mount, that worked for me in that case.