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    2 year committment

    I signed up with Dish Network in June 2006 with a 1.5 years commitment. Last month I recommitted with them for 2 additional years. Needles to say I am very content with their equipment and service. I suggest you negotiate a better deal then that - they have quite a lot of flexibility.
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    Can't take it anymore!

    I have the 625 and so far have no problems, though I have it only for two days...
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    Installation questions

    Yes, you will only be able to record 1 channel on TV3 and 1 on TV4. To be able to record 2 programs on TV 3, and 2 different programs on TV 4 you will need TWO DVR tuners (currently the 625 DVR receiver). I just had them install in my house same configuration - 1 regular tuner for 2 TVs and 1...