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    DVR510 recordings disappear.

    Buy A DVD Recorder Rule number one anything important copy to something that can't be erased. Go to Walmart and spend $50.00 on a DVD Recorder. I just bought one about a month ago I think it was an SV2000 brand but for $50.00 you can't go wrong and blank DVDs are about a $24.98 for a 100...
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    622 Warning 760 - Don't do it!

    I had the same problem on Monday. I did a hard reset (unplugged it) and every thing is working fine. Note my hard drive was almost full (10 min left) so I deleted a couple of things to make space in case that was the problem.
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    Should I be able to get a signal here? (photos included)

    Where do you live?
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    Should I be able to get a signal here? (photos included)

    Just becuase you can get DTV does not mean you can get Dish. DTV orbital slot at 101 is a 30 degree more to the southeast than 129 and the elevation would be about 12 degrees lower in the sky that is a huge difference. From 119 to 129 is 10 degrees different and about 4 degrees lower. Trust me...
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    No porn subscriptions in Ohio??????? look

    I never heard of this and I am a retailer in Cleveland. Do you live in the bible belt of Ohio aka Cincy.
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    New installation tomorrow... any suggestions?

    What international channels are you suppose to be getting? Remember that the channel numbers will be different on different satellites.
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    Who is the best installer in the Sacramento area?

    AT&T is just a gimmick I think alot of times you can do better on your own but it varies from city to city. Note AT&T has there own installers and do not offer all dish promotion and hardware configurations. If you have a problem you have to go through AT&T not Dish or a Retailer. Personally...
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    Who is the best installer in the Sacramento area?

    Go to your local retailer and see if they know what they are talking about. Meet your installer first and find out how long he has been installing Satellite TV. Make sur the retailer does all of there own installs and they have a working HD set up in there showroom. This is a big commitment and...
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    Dish installer just arrived: No 1000 dish, need 2 seperate?

    I acually offer Dish in my area to audit the no LOS within 10 miles of our store for free if I could sell the customer and do the install if I found line of sight and was told no. I acually lost a customer due to our RSP saying no line of sight on a 2nd dish install for locals that only Dish...
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    Dish installer just arrived: No 1000 dish, need 2 seperate?

    You should definitely get a second opinion on the line of sight issue. Alot of times the Dish installers or RSPs don't get paid alot for 2nd dish installs or upgrades and if they have easier or more profitable jobs on there list they will say no line of sight and go to there next job. I am an...
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    new sub with questions on install

    You need to call Dish. The DP 34 switch will not work with a separator they only work with Dish Pro Plus so you need a DPP44 switch instead and while there out there make them hook up 129 in case there is no tree problem now or it comes down in the future. If they give you a problem about 129...
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    Indians Channel on Dish?

    Let them put the Indians channel on al carte for say $5.00 a month if he can keep the team in contention for more than 3 months he will make more money. 12 months x $1.50 = $18.00 4 months x $5.00 = 20.00 out of the penant race june 1st = $10.00 Lets face the facts the channel is only...
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    Indians Channel on Dish?

    Time Warner is producing this channel for the Indians and is also in the process of taking over Adelphia which is the major cable provider in Cleveland. Hopefully all the other cable and satellite systems will join forces and not carry the Indians Channel that is only in contention 3 months out...
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    Indians Channel on Dish?

    Well here we go again. This was in The Cleveland Plain Dealer on 2/15/2006 Indians strike out with pitch to Cox Cable Wednesday, February 15, 2006 Roger Brown Plain Dealer Columnist The Indians are confident they eventually will convince area cable and satellite TV providers to carry...
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    Are these Dish network recievers worth anything?

    They are of little value but type in the model number on ebay and look at completed listings and see what they have been going for.