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    More Video Services app missing!!!

    The app has been removed from my H3.
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    Google Assist on Dish - Horrible!

    I gave up on voice search and went back to text search. It works very well. I usually type a few letters and what I want pops up. Just press the search button on the remote and say "stop sharing information" and that will turn off Google, then go to remote settings and change the voice button...
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    Game finder

    Press the down arrow on the remote and you can see each sport one at a time.
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    Buying a on demand movie.

    Thanks for the quick answers. I always assumed all VOD was streamed. Now I know I can rent movies without blowing up my satellite internet data.
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    Buying a on demand movie.

    I also have limited internet. How do I know if a movie is going to be IPVOD or regular VOD?
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    AP top 25 in Gamefinder

    It would be nice if the AP top 25 numbers would appear next to the college team names in the Gamefinder app. It makes is easy to distinguish the good teams from the not so good.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    Yup, that worked for me as well. I guess I haven't figured out all the nuances of it yet.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    Everybody knows new things can be buggy, but Dish should have made sure the thing can at least search 9 days of program guide info before dumping it on us.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    I searched GA for "PAC 12 championship game." I get a result for a show called blazers raw, whatever that is. Something about the Portland Trailblazers. Anyway, the PAC 12 game is on ABC tomorrow night and is listed in the program guide as 'PAC 12 Football Championship' So I ask GA "PAC 12...
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    Same situation for me. As far as I can tell you get NFL Redzone and MLB Strikezone. I think I already have the rest of the channels in the multi-sport pack.
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    Fox Blocks Millions of DISH Customers

    I saw the same scroll on the NBC Portland OR affiliate. Just before that another scroll that said this channel may go dark on Dish in November.
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    Game Finder

    Same problem here. Unplugged H3 for 5 min. game finder still frozen. Saturday is the worst day for this to happen.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    I guess time will tell. If you have to start replacing the two AA batteries in the remote once a month or so, then you're right.
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    I HATE Google Assistant

    I got the google assistant update on my H3. I asked it for the weather forecast, so it muted the tv audio and told me the weather, but after it was done it never turned the tv audio back on. The only way to restore audio is to power down the H3 a few minutes until the green light goes out then...