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    Interesting bundle... Uverse, HBO and Amazon Prime

    I can't pull it up since I have a pending order, that's interesting for sure! If they could bundle ESPN TV I would be game :)
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    Uverse dvr

    Not sure if you are still looking. From what I understand, you can take the old drive out and replace with up to 1TB, that's what I can find on the net. I just got hired by AT&T start in DEC doing U-Verse installs, I will let you know what I can find out. I don't think they support nor...
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    Hopper Testing...

    I would be in :)
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    Fees increasing?

    I switched from Dish last year (had the hopper and 3 joeys) to Directv since they offered Free Sunday Ticket and was trying to cut costs. I have regretted it since, their DVR (Genie) is very sluggish, so slow, it's annoying. Maybe I got a bad one, but it is also flakey, sometimes when I...
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    Dish dispute with Sinclair...reached deal in principle

    I am in the Asheville DNS, so risk losing ABC here, I upgraded to the Hopper, too bad I can't get OTA yet as I have an antenna that will pick up ABC OTA just fine! I guess I can feed it into my TV but no recordings that way, bummer!
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    CONTEST: Guess when VIACOM Returns to DIRECTV

    July 30 12:00pm :)
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    Huge audio swings on Joey

    I have a different problem, sometimes I get no audio, I change channels and go back and it works.
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    Sling adapter problems

    Same issue in both Chrome and IE.
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    HD for Joey with non-HDMI TV

    I had the same issue, thankfully it was just a 17" tv in my kids bedroom. I bought a like new 19" LCD with HDMI on E-Bay for $75 free shipping, rather than purchase the converter above for $38 for such an old tv.
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    How many people have upgraded to the Hopper/Joey system?

    Wouldn't this be better as setup like a survey, think you would get more responses. I had 1 Hopper 3 Joeys installed week of release.
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    Hopper Audio Droputs every 15 mins

    Sometimes the screen turns purple or blue after the audio drops out then comes back and it's fine. It's odd that I can watch on a delay and this doesn't happen. I am hooked up via HDMI, Audio over HDMI directly into my 42" LG 720P tv.
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    Hopper has reached max timers after only 33

    I have 40 timers on mine, I didn't run to any problems. I set them all up directly on the Hopper using the remote.
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    Hopper Audio Droputs every 15 mins

    Hi All, my Audio drops out on one of my Joeys about every 15 minutes, lasts for about 5 seconds, then comes back. It seems like a buffer or something. My MocA Signal is maxed out and seems to stay that way even when the dropout occurs. I can skip back on the remote and leave it on a slight...
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    Had Hopper Joey Install, on 1 Joey showing as Owned on

    That's odd huh? Sure they will fix it in due time
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    Had Hopper Joey Install, on 1 Joey showing as Owned on

    Should be Joey owned, not Hopper