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    DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

    Following up on my earlier post: DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now Quick recap, current bill: XTRA package, 2 receivers, no pay channels. $78.84 (after $50 discount) A few weeks ago they added another $60/mo discount (no contract) that will show up on my next bill. So, my contract...
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    DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

    I'm certainly not waiting for anyone here's approval. I'm just adding to the content on this board about the deep discounts DTV is giving people that are trying to leave. My 100% intent was to drop DTV when I originally called about a week ago. The ONLY thing keeping me until the 23rd of this...
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    DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

    Same here. I'm a long time sub (10-15 years...) with the Xtra package, DVR, HD, 2 receivers and nothing else. I was seriously calling to cancel DTV last weekend because I'm done with $80/mo bills when you can easily get half that with streaming services. Plus, I'm getting pixelation at times...
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    Play Recorded Show instantly "Delete Recording?"

    I've been having a problem with my HR20-700 for a few weeks now. Shows seem to record ok but playback has had problems. Sometimes, playing a recording will instantly display the "Delete Recording" prompt, as if it's finished playing the entire show. Other times.. I'll be watching playback...
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    DirecTV Loyalty Progam

    Free Starz for 12 months I haven't been paying much attention to this stuff but noticed I had Starz last night. Thought it was a Thanksgiving free preview. I went to my DTV account and this was on the front page: Happy anniversary and thank you for being a loyal DIRECTV customer! Please...
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    $20 Discover Card Gift Card

    please enter me!
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    DirecTiVo and Time Warner VOIP

    Not sure about Time Warner but VOIP in general is hit or miss when it comes to data connections like DirecTivo. I tried SunRocket and even with different tweaks (like lowering connections speed and such) my DTivo couldn't connect. Then I saw several posts about ATT CallVantage (voip) working...
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    Sirius Activation Fee

    I'd like to try Sirius but I'm not very optimistic that I'll like it. My main concern is the quality of the audio. Some people say it's horrible, other people say it's fine. Think there's any chance I can get signed up without paying an activation fee? Even without an activation fee, I'm...