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    HGTV frame rate

    only on HGTV.....? not sure if the cause is HGTV or Dish. Seems more prevalent during the shows and not commercials... Go Figure. Should be the opposite.
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    HGTV frame rate

    Anyone else notice that there is something going on with HGTV frame rate ... when there is a pan or active scene, the video skips....? Not a big deal, but it makes watching annoying. How many other channels have this going on?
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    Heard from Matt at Dirt today, no update or time when a fix will be available. Wife says CANCEL and move on.
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    U221 breaks many users External Hard Drives....
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    Yes and I tried the front port as well. Just poor programming by Dish..... again!!
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    USB 3.0 Western Digital Drive. Probably the most common piece of external drive being used today. Maybe I should try my older USB 2.0 Device
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    Hopper 3 external drives have disappeared

    It seems the latest Version of Firmware put on my receiver on October 21, 2016 for the Hopper killed External Hard Drives. Really doesn't anyone test this stuff? Now I know how Samsung phones blow themselves up.
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    Interested in upgrade
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    Carbon UI Issues Thread

    Does anyone have the mini guide on the main Hopper receiver working? Update to U204 still didn't fix it. Any secret to get it to work. Works fine on Super Joey.
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    Transfer EHD from a 722 on one account to a 722 on another account while keeping recordings?

    you can try using Ubuntu and copying some of the movie files over one by one......?
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    Attn: NH viewers outside the Boston MA DMA.

    this is what happens when government gets involved in everything. If you live in Mass, say 40 miles southwest of Boston (approx 100 miles south of WMUR Broadcast facilities in a different market and even a different state), you can get WMUR. But yet 15 miles to the norfh of WMUR, broadcast...
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    A Note to FOX

    It is pretty obvious from these tatics that this dispute is going to last a while. Fox is obviously willing to waste money on these tactics, then to keep a loyal viewer base that their advertisers contracted for. I wonder how many of their advertisers are now considering to back out of the...
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    Dish commercial HD

    new customers have a 24 month committment and so could you... to get HD for free with autopay.
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    9/17/2010 4:51am - Uplink Activity Report - 4 changes

    My guess is this is just to quiet down the people upset over the Disney Dispute? I would say yes as the HD version is only on Freview.
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    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    Money doesn't grow on trees at Dish.... Whatever is spent paying for packages to Networks in turn has to be passed on in someway back to the ultimate consumer / subscriber..... :confused: