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    What diplexer and LNB is needed for DIY install?

    Can it cause a problem using a multi switch, and not using the 14 volt side? I have the switch behind the tv and it is out of the weather. Just wondering. So far I havn,t connected the second receiver yet. I did put the terminator covers that came with it on the unused ports.
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    Am radio interference question.

    He lives by himself but Likes to have the light on so his house doesn,t look abandoned. Guess he likes the light on when friends that have vision come to visit.or take him places. He does turn off the light in the daytime so he can use the radio.
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    Am radio interference question.

    I guess the lite had the old florescent tubes in it. His brother removed the ballast and installed led tubes in the same fixture. I will go look at his light to be sure. Thanks for the reply,s.
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    Am radio interference question.

    I have a completely blind friend that see/s complete darkness. So he listens to his AM FM radio to be connected with the world. His brother installed a led ceiling light in his kitchen and now he can,t get the local am stations when the light is turned on. The radio is a portable sony am fm...
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    Router interference.

    My family visited me for Christmas for a week and my tv volume was fluctuating and I thought my tv was going bad. He worked over the internet some and sat on the couch about 5 ft. from the tv. After he went home My tv has worked perfect. I think my tv problems came from the lap top.
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    Ran out of space in main circuit breaker panel, what to do?

    Do you have a solar system and grid connected? I Had an old trailer with an outside power pole with the meter box and outside 140 amp service box on the pole. Heavy aluminum service cable from that box goes into the service inside 100 amp service inside my double wide home. When I got my...
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    Balun Info?

    Wkbn Youngstown ohio put up a new transmitter last year and the lower tier channels were broadcast at low power for a few months before they uped the power and give the channels new channel numbers. I agree with the pa guy. I am a western pa guy too.
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    2013 Ram 1500 cannot refresh Sirius channels.

    I had a 2015 ecodiesel that had a recall where someone could hack into the truck and take control . The radio seemed to be working ok when I took it in for the recall but they replaced the radio. I do not recommend anyone to buy an ecodiesel. I traded it with 19.000 miles and the engine was...
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    Searching for used C-Bands.

    Dis regard my posting about using styrofoam patterns for a stage play. It is too flamable to use for any inside purpose. My neighbor had some ofit in his house for insulation and it burned his house down in a hurry when he got his wood stove too hot.
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    Any news on ATSC 3.0 receiver from CES in LV, NV?

    Yes I know that the sony tv isn,t released yet but is supposed to be released some time in May according to the website that I posted. I got the tv fever urge to get a new tv as the one I have now started having volume up and down problems around Christmas time. I never did find why it had...
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    What diplexer and LNB is needed for DIY install?

    I only paid $5.00 for multi switch , so about the same price as a splitter. So with a high freq. spliter and a diplexer you have 2 compenents with a lot more short wires and connections. There is lots of ways to skin the cat.
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    Any news on ATSC 3.0 receiver from CES in LV, NV?

    LG Has 3 series of tv models that have ATSC 3.0 tuners that are out of my budget. Models GX series, WX series and ZX series. Sony has models X 900H that I could afford. The email address that I found the info about the sony tv is I think I might think about buying a 75...
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    What is usb ports used for on a tv

    I was wondering if you can connect a fta satellite to use a usb connection to view the sat. recover.
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    What is usb ports used for on a tv

    How do you use usb ports on a tv? What is their purpose?
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    OrbyTV: Do-it-yourself Sale

    I am leary of websites that do not give their business location. I could believe that they could sell it for the advertised price as I bought one at best buy for $50 + 6% Pennsylvania sales tax. Hope that it shows up for you!!