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    Gulf Coast oil spill could eclipse Exxon Valdez

    Why is nobody asking "what caused the explosion and/or fire"?
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    Do you carry a pistol on a daily basis?

    Depends on the in-laws (or out-laws):rant:
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    VIP222 and 1000.4 AND Dish 500

    Will a VIP 222 work with a 1000.4 Dish (for Eastern Arc) hooked to SAT 1 and a Dish 500 (for 110/119) hooked to SAT 2? The reason I ask is this would give A "backup" in cases of rain fade. Thanks.
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    Contest: Free Fortec Star Dynamic Satellite Receiver

    Not having FTA (yet) my guess would be the RTN's
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    Point of view for CSR/TSR from other countries?

    PS.....don't try to bait me....I WILL NOT reply
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    Point of view for CSR/TSR from other countries?

    Is it just me or do some of the above posters, that have joined in the last few months, seem to be echoing politcal campaign retoric?
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    First Look: Dish Network's DTVPal Digital Converter

    Sarcasm intended in the thanks I gave to the previous posters:)
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    Retailer Chat Recap - July 10, 2008

    Doesn't it say the only 100% HD service?
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    Special Free System of the Week Contest Ends 7.7.2008 - Satellite AV

    Growing up in a state where fireworks are illegal, I don't really have any memories of them as a child except for sparklers and snakes. One year we had a family reunion on the 4th and my little brother and me were supposed to clean up all the empty cups and bottles. We got snockered on the...
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    Free Receiver of the Week Contest 6.12.2008 - Satellite AV

    I have to admit I'm old ..... ours just had a small round picture tube. (and space travel was "just a crazy idea from comic books") But I did get to watch John Glenn blast off on a BIG tv (19" I think) although i was sitting in the back of the auditorium at school and just saw a dim glow...
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    Free Receiver of the Week Contest Thread- Satellite AV

    My favorite is unknown, because I don't have a system yet!
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    New Satellites for DISH - only reason to stay for now

    chill out dude....everybody knows its Friday of a long weekend. Wait until you get back in the office to try to manipulate stock prices.
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    Scott, please create Dish subforum "VOOM is GONE!"

    Anyone who liked a McRib would love REAL barbeque. Sauces are great, but the quality of the meat is KING and if you start with crap, the best you can end up with is .......crap with a good sauce. :eureka :hungry: