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    Regional sports channels

    This is a first since the RSNs were pulled from the Dish menu -- albeit a women's basketball game (Virginia at N.C. State) -- but a Fox RSN game that was blocked on a couple of channels this afternoon was accessible on an alternate channel through NESN.
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    Regional sports channels

    Don't go to fuboTV. It just dumped the RSNs.
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    NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Shows as not New

    Same thing happened to me in North Carolina
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    RSN removals - I feel your pain

    The only way I've been able to watch Carolina Hurricanes (when I don't go to the games) is through this website: OnHockey.TV | Live hockey streams (NHL, KHL, SHL, DEL, World Championship, Olympic Games)
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    ACC Network Extra

    Now, if Dish could just reach a deal to bring back the Fox RSNs.
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    fox sports dispute

    Maybe there's hope? Dish vs. Fox Sports: Is There Hope? - The TV Answer Man!
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    fox sports dispute

    Having to watch Carolina Hurricanes games on a renegade stream is getting old. I hope there's a deal soon.
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    Multi Sport now added to 120+ and above packages

    I got the Sports Pack free for a year when I complained about the Fox RSN dispute.
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    Fox Is Back?

    Are Fox RSNs part of this deal? If not, what's the status of that. Tired of watching Carolina Hurricanes games on renegade streams.
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    FOX Dispute?

    The Fox RSNs still aren't back (and weren't listed in the email from Dish).
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    NHL Center Ice 2019-20

    I'm a Carolina Hurricanes fan and the Fox RSN that shows their games has been taken off. I assume the game won't be available to me tonight on the Center Ice channels?
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    ACC network

    It looks like Dish took ACC Network off of 148. Now it's only on 402.
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    ACC network

    Bumping, hoping Dish will provide an answer to my last question. A UNC non-revenue sports game that I would have been able to watch on ESPN3 last year is not accessible to me now because it's now on ACC Network Extra.
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    ACC network

    One more question for you: Has Dish reached a deal that allows customers to access ACC Network Extra games on ESPN3? Every time I try to watch a game there, I got a lock icon and it doesn't let me do so.
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    ACC network

    I wonder why ACCN, which debuted on Dish at channel 402, is now also on 148. Does that change what levels of programming you need in order to get it?