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    First FTA receiver?

    My father picked up a Manhatten 1000 from Skyvision around '02 to go with the $50 12' used C-Band setup I put in for him around '98. I struggled for a long time trying to get OLN for him for some reason, as that was the only reason he bought it. Hundreds of other channels came in fine. While...
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    For everyone that is too hot outside!

    I was only 7 years old then, but remember that storm like it was yesterday!
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    Dish found while attending garage sale-Should I??????

    I have zero experience with them, other than that they were used all over my area in Upstate NY, and I know where three are within a few miles of me. They all still appear in perfect condition after almost 30 years, while I've heard from everyone on here that they are junk. I'm not saying grab...
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    Need help aiming huge BUD with 3 point mount

    I've noticed several of those dishes over the years, and always wondered how they were aimed at different birds without it being a complete nightmare. If it were me, I would do the trig or model the mount in Pro/Engineer to determine the required link lengths. However, I'm a mech-e with a...
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    How Important is the STB Front Panel Display?

    Other video format reception and blind scan features would be the primary driver influencing my purchase, however I have these thoughts. No display adds the perception of cheap, that as much I hate to admit, I would be influenced by. Maybe it was because my first Uniden UST-9000 showed...
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    12' Paraclipse Las Vegas NV $50 OBO

    Wow, H-H mount, quad feed support and in black. They don't get much better than that. I've never seen the quad feed support before.
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    12 ft Paraclipse manual

    As far as I'm cocnerned, that is "the" dish to have in terms of C-Band performance, asthetics and especially robustness. There were and still are a lot of them in my area. There's a mint black one a friends father has that is mine for the taking a few miles of backroads from me. On that...
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    C-Band project

    Note that the Baird UR10, at $1,458, would be just undersized for an 8' dish and they would likely recommend the UR10D at $2,030. The UR10D weighs ~840 lbs, and I would want to run some calculations to verify that the roof could support that increase in deadload. This probably gives you a...
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    C-Band project

    I'm a structural engineer, and by inspection can tell you that your mount is far from satisfactory. Furthermore, the chart in the link above, which seems to provide moment as a function of dish size and wind speed, makes no sense without supplementary information. I quickly searched and did...
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    look at this video

    That's a re-badged Uniden UST-9000 receiver. I had the Uniden version as my first c-band receiver and it was flat out awesome. If I were to put in a BUD at my new house, I'd want one of those coupled to it. What was great was that the front panel LED display gave you all the information at a...
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    ID this dish

    Agreed, sounds like a Dark Star, which would make it 12' in diameter likely. I would guess ~1/4 of the dishes in my area were that model, the local dealer sold a lot of them, probably because they were so cheap for the same size compared to a Paraclipse. I actually just saw one a mile or so...
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    Long distance BUD to house

    The current through the position feedback and corotor wires is trivial, thus a 140 foot cable run should not present any issues. Based on the size of your dish, the standard gauge wire found in satellite ribbon cable could be on the small size. A quick comparison of voltages in the house and...
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    Anyone use/have the Spitfire 0.1 KU LNB?

    This has been going on forever. I remember the C-Band channel in the early 90s that sold the "ice" LNBs. The difference is, the prices we are discussing here are an order of magnitude less than they were back then!