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    DirecTV patrolling their forums

    It's not that simple especially if it's a software bug that's causing the delay. I worked in tech for many years and sometimes there are issue that are showstoppers and sometimes you're able to live with the bugs and just go ahead and go live. Apparently this one is serious enough and...
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    An Update

    My understanding of the industry is that a post production company, such as technicolor, will convert movies to all required formats DVD, TV, etc... So as such they will do all the processing to MPEG2 or MPEG4 formats. They have even claimed to be able to shoot a movie with a digital movie...
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    Breaking News Live from the Directv Entertainment Expo

    I think everyone is confused about the term "launch". I used to work in tech and there's quite a difference between something being available and an official launch. I was on the phone with D* last week and the CSR said they had a group meeting that week and new channels will be active by the...
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    HR20 Hard Drive Upgrade

    Seagate 750 ESATA is also in this week's Best Buy ad for $199.
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    New Directv HD on their website

    I spent a good 25 minutes on the phone with a CSR yesterday as all of my new receivers (1 HR20 and 2 H20s) "lost" their access to so called premium HD content. I still have an HR10 on my account and that box didn't lose access to anything. Apparently they were updating their systems and for...
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    DirecTV 10 Signal Reading Thread(Transponders are Hot!)

    77 on my HR20 and 80 on both of my H20's from Chandler, AZ (just outside of Phoenix).
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    Owned HR10-250 upgrade to HR20 best deal

    Upgrade I called them last week to change some programming as the website wouldn'tl let me make the change I wanted. While I was one the phone with the CSR I also asked to upgrade my system. She had to transfer me to customer retention. They pulled up my account and gave me a new HR20 and 2...
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    I've got 3LBN and HR10-250, I was just offered me out please.

    Upgrade I live just southeast of Phoenix and had them come out and upgrade my equipment. I moved my HR10 to one of my other bedrooms with an SD TV hooked up to it. They installed the new dish and I had the tech crop 8 lines around the house so I think he put in an 6x8 Multiswitch as well. So...
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    HR10 Tivo Swap

    It's his to keep I just had my system upgraded last week and moved my HR10 to one of the other rooms in my house. I live in Phoenix and I guess I got lucky as they were able to schedule an appointment for the day after I called in.