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    Wondering about Olympics coverage

    So far, I'm pretty much coming up empty on the Ku band. Have tried known NBC news feed locations, as well as blind scans of several birds. Nada.
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    Wondering about Olympics coverage

    I am curious what we might expect to find in the way of Olympics coverage, beyond the standard network coverage. I would think that there must be C band feeds, but unfortunately I'm only set up for Ku. Anybody recall any past Winter or Summer Olympics and what kind of satellite action there...
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    RTN is back

    Actually, Lyngsat has them listed at 11735 H 4444 for what that's worth
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    If you could bring one show back...

    Since West Wing has already been mentioned, I'll throw in L.A. Law
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    Windy Days bring Better Reception!!!

    Any chance you have a tree obstruction, and the wind is pushing branches out of the way?
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    Election feeds

    I will certainly be watching the election coverage this evening. But I have sort of a dumb question: What is it about the election feeds that will hold the viewer's interest? Let me explain... If there is a breaking news story going on in some other part of the country (hurricane, Calif wild...
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    Newbies Gone Wild

    Congrats, knew you could get this up and running! With you lock on G10R/18, you may find the following link helpful: RTN Programming Now, if you can just pry the remote out of your family member's hands so you get a chance to play.
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    Newbies Gone Wild

    If I can offer up a suggestion... 1) Take your big dish mounted on the motor, and reset the motor to zero. 2) With power completely off at the back switch of the receiver, or better yet unplugged, install the sat signal finder meter out at the dish. 3) I might also be inclined to remove...
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    Viewsat 9000 hd and maxhd

    The PVR capabilities do exist today. You have to purchase an external hard drive and connect it to either the front or back USB port. Some of the PVR features are still a bit limiting. You can record whatever you are watching by simply hitting the record button on your remote. Or, you can set it...
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    Newbies Gone Wild

    I haven't been following this thread since day one, so I'm jumping in kinda late. But let me reassure CenterFreq that he is NOT trying to do something impossible. About 2 years ago, I had no idea what FTA was, let alone own a system. I had no nearby friends who were into this hobby, and no local...
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    Viewsat 9000 hd and maxhd

    From the reading I have done on these models, it sounds like Viewsat has introduced the MaxHD as the more price competitive little brother to the 9000HD. They both have the same processor speed and quantity of on-board memory, and the 9000HD's user interface looks like it has been cloned for the...
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    USA HD

    So if I were to post a way of confirming reception of USA HD on 110 without disconnecting 61.5, that would make you one of those people, right?
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    Olympic Soccer & BBall HD channels

    I know that yesterday, when I checked DISH's satellite service, the OLYMS channel was only showing a fixed message stating that soccer coverage was coming soon. This is kind of stupid since there were womens games being played and being broadcast elsewhere (Direct TV, I think) Today, I...
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    Olympic Soccer & BBall HD channels

    As many of you probably know, NBC has created two new channels for the Olympics with dedicated coverage (one for Soccer, One for Basketball). Satellite services (Dish & Direct) have picked up on these, as have some canle companies. I have been surfing and finding conflicting info regarding...
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    Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cooking

    I've been cooking in camp style Dutch Ovens for 20+ years and own four Lodge models of different sizes. Earlier this month I was on vacation in TN and stopped by the Lodge factory outlet just west of Chattanooga, and found good deals on assorted stuff. If you are just starting out, I would...