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    So Who's Having OTA Problems on Their Joeys?

    Two HWS w/ single OTA tuners, three Joeys, having the exact same issues since last year. Same resolution with tuning the linked Hopper to the OTA channel fixes the breakups. I used to watch OTA over the Joeys all the time before the Carbon update. Since then, it's crap.
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    OTA over MoCA after Carbon update

    Thanks for the confirmation. I'm honestly not sure when it started but I know it wasn't happening before the UI update. Did DIRT give you any feedback?
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    OTA over MoCA after Carbon update

    I'm having problems viewing OTA channels (from the Hopper OTA adapter) on my Joeys over a coax MoCA connection. I'm getting lots of artifacts and audio drops. This seems to have started after all the devices got the update to the Carbon UI. Before that I had no issues for years. All the MoCA...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    Interested in a possible upgrade from a 622 and 625 to a 2H/3J.
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    This cable has better picture than DISH

    October 1985? No wonder the HD sucked, that's 10 years before they even launched a satellite!
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    Unshielded twisted pair phone wire for carrying audio signal?

    Yes a balun would work fine, but the pre-made ones are expensive. It would be a lot cheaper to buy a good shielded audio extension. Monoprice has a 100-foot extension for $15.47.
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    The volume spike problem is due to the fact that they insert commercials with normal stereo into an HD channel broadcasting in Dolby digital (see numerous other posts on the volume/dynamic range differences). If they just converted the commercial audio to Dolby too, things would be much more...
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    Smithsonian HD dropped and replaced with Crime & Investigation HD

    I had been trying to decide whether to keep Platinum or not. I do watch HDNet Movies, and some Universal. But dropping a real HD channel for semi-HD reruns of shows I didn't want to watch the first time around pushed it over the edge. Just canceled Platinum online. I can use the extra $10 to...
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    Anyone have an extra TV1 UHF green tab?

    A tech walked out with my Mom's extra UHF remote for TV1 on her 625 a couple of months ago. I've got an extra 6.3 remote, but I need to have the right tab for it. If anyone has one they would part with cheap (or at least for shipping costs), send me a PM. Thanks.
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    component cables

    I'll get in a pitch for my favorite low-price, high-quality cables: Blue Jean Cables (Blue Jeans Cable -- Broadcast-Quality Cables at Reasonable Prices). I like supporting him since he's the one that pwned Monster when they threatened to sue him. See here: Monster cable correspondence.
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    Dish Sales guys do not know installation

    It looks like post-transition that the PBS station for Charleston is going back to VHF channel 7.
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    Cartoon Network HD

    Neither do most (any?) Panasonics. And anyway, why I should have to dig out my TV remote and change the aspect ratio on a channel-by-channel basis? I'd still like E* to add a couple of more Format modes, one to squeeze a strectched 16:9 back to 4:3 (won't work on all stretches though), and one...
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    Cartoon Network HD

    +1 It's for this reason that I don't lock the SD versions of certain channels. If it's stretched, then I'm either going to watch something else, or if it's something I really want to see, the SD version.