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    Advice needed: WSI vs Fortec vs Sadoun 180cm

    Thank you sir!!! I appreciate it. That's the plan :)
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    Advice needed: WSI vs Fortec vs Sadoun 180cm

    We have never intentionally kept anything a secret from our customers. People who know me know that I'd much rather tell the truth & lose a sale than to lie ( get one sale ) & then lose a customer for life. I also encourage anyone who works here to speak with customers with that in mind...
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    Advice needed: WSI vs Fortec vs Sadoun 180cm

    Hello, Unfortunately, we are all out of the $69 dishes and have been for a while. However, you may be able to find a dealer online who may still have several pieces left in stock. 1. I'm not sure if anyone remembers the reason why the dishes were price so low. Just to refresh your...
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    Got my NS-741 tuned

    Hi Guys, I ran across this thread searching the internet for a few things. I'm sorry I don't get a chance to log in or come on here as much as I would like to, but I wanted to log in after seeing this thread and clear up a couple of things: #1: About the NS741 / NS741U without a built...
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    Having issues with WS International ESX-242 Dual C-band LNB

    The second output does not need to be attached to a receiver. On the ESX242, each port is individually controlled. Meaning each one will switch on 13V & 18V. Some dual & quad C and Ku LNBFs (And I don't know of any that are on the market right off the top of my head that are like this) have...
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    WS International Polar Mount Needed

    Yes, we have moved our RMA and technical portion of our business to the CA branch. So after filling out the RA request form on our site, it would need to be sent to our CA branch for testing to ensure the unit is defective before replacing or fixing. You'd be surprised how much products we get...
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    WS International Polar Mount Needed

    The VBox-X comes with a one year warranty. If it stopped passing video, just fill out our RA form here: RA# Request and send it back for a replacement :)
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    Hi, I'm sorry, but I just saw this post. My apologies for not checking earlier. Yes, we do have a policy that an item must be returned in order for us to be able to repair or exchange it. But, if you send me an email along with your invoice number if you have it, or your full name, I'll get...
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    WS International Polar Mount Needed

    Just did a search on eBay for the VBox-X and saw one for $24 + about $8 for shipping: Satellite DiSEqC Positioner, 4DTV C & KU band satellite dish mover 99 memory | eBay
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    WS International Polar Mount Needed

    1. The two models are totally different. They were made using two totally different presses. I'm not sure if a polar mount from a WS1870P, or from a different manufacturer would be compatible (mounting wise) with the the WS1870 or not, without some modifications. I'm not trying to push the...
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    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to log in real quick and wish every single one of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I know I'm a day late but nevertheless, the Holiday season is upon us and I did not want to let this day go by without wishing everyone a good and healthy holiday season. As you all...
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    LEXIUM Professional Satellite Meters & Satellite Finders

    You can see a small list of our distributors and resellers here: LEXIUM Distributors and Resellers If you have an account with us and are a wholesale customer the prices are lower, but you have to be a dealer, installer, or reseller to be able to open an account with us. Also, we just...
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    LEXIUM FastAlign® 5100Pro transfer protocol available ?

    The satellite meter has 300 slots that are used for pre-programmed list, plus 100 slots that are user defined. Your problem sounds very strange. Go ahead and send the file you have created to my email address at rob (@) wsidigital dot com. I will take a look at it and see what we can do for...
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    DMX741U Circular polarization

    The dielectric plate is for the C band portion only. You would receive circular C band, but not circular Ku band.
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    What Happened To The Lexium Giveaway Review?

    Hi Guys, I have been absent from the site for a little while, however, I just logged in to see this. I have been working on getting the meter loader and have been working basically non-stop. There is one other issue that I am working on, and will post answers shortly.