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    How to pair a 21.0 remote to a Hopper Duo

    My mom got a new Hooper Duo and it came with a 54.0 remote. We've split the HDMI out to run to two TV's with one in another bedroom. I understand the 54.0 is UHF and that will be used in the other room. I'm trying to pair an old 21.0 remote using IR to the Hopper Duo to use in the same room as...
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    BYOR (bring your own receiver)

    I've been away from Dish for 2 years, ready to come back, but looking for a very basic package without a commitment. If I want to buy my own VIP622 from DishDepot, install it and call up Dish to activate. Where can I find the cost of packages without equipment.
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    Record OTA without an account

    I own a Dish VIP622. Is there any way to still use it to record and playback OTA programs without a Dish account or without being hooked to the dish. I don't mind having to manually enter the timers. Thanks.
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    Fox News HD in Smart Pack?

    A year ago I pointed out to tech support that on the compare packages page, it shows Fox News as available in HD in the Smart Pack, yet they still insist that the Smart Pack doesn't include HD. Does anyone else have the Smart Pack and get it in HD. Here's a screen shot of their webpage:
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    Minimum Programming level to get Fox Sports Florida

    Since football season is over, I've switched down to the Smart Pack. I was hoping to add on the Multi-Sport for $10 to get the Tampa Bay Rays on Fox Sports Florida, but that doesn't seem to qualify. What's the cheapest package needed to get Fox Sports Florida (I live in central Florida). Thanks.
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    PIP location

    It's always irritated me how the 622 PIP window is so far out in the main picture. I was wondering if the Hopper puts it any closer to the edge. I'd prefer it right on the edge. Could someone upload a pic of how it looks? Here's how the 622 presents PIP.
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    Fox News HD in Smart Pack

    When I go to the 'compare packages' page, it shows Fox News as available in HD in the Smart Pack, yet I've never gotten it in HD in that package, only the SD version. Every time I chat with a rep, they just say that its only in SD in the smart pack. Anyine else have this issue?
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    Smart Pack channels in HD?

    Since football is about over, I'm going to downgrade to the Smart Pack. Will I get the HD versions of the channels that are available in HD). Last years with the Welcome Pack, I did not, just the locals (Tampa) were in HD.
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    Current Channels that come with the Dish Welcome package

    Is there an extra charge for locals in addition to the $14.99?
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    Nfl Network Overscan

    On the NFL Network pregame show, the left edge of the screen has the first letters of the rundown cut off. No other channels have this problem.
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    HD Channels in Dish Family?

    Now, RFD is in HD, so I guess some programming on Dish Family is in HD.