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    Cheddar News launches OTA

    Cheddar News has launched OTA in more than 40 markets in the US. Cheddar Business was previously available OTA but is not now. This is the 2nd OTA news channel available in the US after Newsnet launched in January HC2 BROADCASTING ANNOUNCES CARRIAGE OF CHEDDAR NEWS IN OVER 40 U.S. MARKETS
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    America's Voice channel 219

    This seems to be a news streaming channel that has now launched on satellite. When did it launch?
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    Why don't linear news channels like CBSN launch as subchannels also?

    Why don't linear streaming news channels like CBSN launch as subchannel OTA? The 3 big broadcasters NBC, ABC and ABC have launched linear streaming news channels that are exclusive to streaming. Why don't they also launch them as subchannels OTA? It seems logical as you have a linear feed ready...
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    Audience Network shutting down

    Is Audience closing on the 29th of February or what is happening?
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    Showtime to rebrand multiplex as Sho*BET

    Showtime to rebrand one of its multiplex channel Showcase as Sho*BET. It will feature scripted series from BET and Showtime. I don't really see the point of this? Is this not basically what BET Her is already? It's hardly premium just seems recycling more content...
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    Yahoo Finance launches as a 24/7 linear channel on Verizon

    Verizon has launched Yahoo Finance as a 24/7 channel on Verizon. I wonder will there be future distribution of this channel to compete with CNBC and Fox Business? Yahoo Finance Launches Full 24-Hours of Programming on Verizon Fios
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    Localish to replace Live Well Network

    ABC O&O stations are to replace Live Well Network with Localish which will focus on local stories from communities around the US. It this too niche of a subchannel to succeed? It will be hard to fill a 24/7 365 days with this type of content? ABC Rebranding Live Well Broadcast Diginet to Localish
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    Audience Network shutting down

    There is no mention of the Cinemax multiplex channels, are they getting the axe? You'd think this would be a good time to axe Cinemax altogether with HBO Max launching rather than prolonging it for what?
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    Get TV to get more investment from Sony

    GetTV to get more investment from Sony. I wonder what other series it could air?Sony Pictures Spruces Up GetTV Digital Multicast Channel With Superhero, Sci-Fi Movies
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    Bein Sports launch OTA channel

    Bein Sports is launching an OTA channel in the US called Bein Sports Xtra. It will be available in 15 major markets beIN SPORTS Inks Deal With HC2 Broadcasting to Launch a New Live Sports OTA Channel
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    ESPN Classic to close

    From AT&T website: For ESPN Classic fans On November 30, our rights to carry ESPN Classic expire. As the cost of sports content continues to rise, few distributors now offer ESPN Classic. Instead of game repeats, they are focusing on live competition. AT&T continues to offer popular regional...
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    Future of Audience Network?

    With everything going streaming what's the future of this channel? AT&T now have various other platforms to broadcast content. All it really has going for it is Mr Mercedes. It is also only available to U Verse/Directv. It will hardly last much longer. Mr Mercedes will probably move to HBO Max...
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    ScreenPix on Comcast?

    Are these just new regular linear channel like Epix/Epix 2/Drive In? If so why are they creating more when Epix have these already?
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    ScreenPix on Comcast?

    Comcast have partnered with Epix to launch new channels called ScreenPix? Are these new regular linear channels like the other Epix linear channels like Epix 2/Drive In or just OnDemand channels?
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    OTA networks that stream

    Why is AMG TV still no unknown? It has repeats of popular series such as Impractical Jokers, Pawn Stars and Forensic Files