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    Nexstar dispute looming...

    Wow - it was pulled. Looks like the article was wrong about the time being 8pm eastern as the time the contract expired.
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    Nexstar dispute looming...

    Even though we are 75ish minutes until the channels are pulled, Dish has already updated Dish Promise saying the channels have been dropped and how to watch favorite shows and NFL Football through other means.
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    RSN app coming

    Also in today's uplink, all the Extra Innings, Center Ice, and League Pass SD channels were removed. It looks like those packages will be HD only as we go forward.
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    Nexstar dispute looming...

    Wednesday, Dec. 2. 8pm Eastern, 7pm central.
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    True Crime Network off of DISH

    I noticed that too - it was taken down yesterday at some point. I have a feeling it was in conjunction with the Nexstar info being put up for the zip codes that are impacted.
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    Free Previews Discussion Thread - November 2020

    Although the free preview website still doesn't mention the free preview, channel 103 does. Says that Starz free preview started on 11/1 and ends 11/30. I am guessing that is supposed to be started 11/26 and ends 11/30.
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    Nexstar dispute looming...

    Yeah, WGN channel 9 in Chicago has had a crawl. And has been updated to reflect the forthcoming dispute
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    #1 digitnet MeTV starting saturday morning cartoons back up in 2021

    I always thought it was that ABC, CBS, and NBC found it cheaper and more people would watch news broadcasts Sat. morning.
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    Free Previews Discussion Thread - November 2020

    I had no idea that Starz was going to be in free preview. I see it went into free preview today and as of my time typing this, it is not listed on the Dish Free preview page. MyDISH
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    Sinclair and RSNs

    Here is where Dish could be winning... Sinclair is going to be selling access to their RSN's WITHOUT needing a cable bundle. Dish could win some subscribers by lowering their rates for 2021 or having a minimal increase - DirecTV just announced a hike plus they renewed their Sinclair RSN's last...
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    Sinclair and RSNs

    Looks like they are going to be rebranded "Ballys Sports Network" or something like that, named after Ballys Casinos...
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    Free Previews Discussion Thread - November 2020

    Wouldn't everyone have lost a day? The way I interpret the text at the bottom of the page " All Free Previews will become available at 5:00pm ET the day before the listed start date and end at 2:00am ET the day after the listed end date" means that the free preview should have ended at 2:00am...
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    217 GRIT ?

    And you aren't even taking into account the wrong packages the channels are listed for and those that have no packages. NFL Network isn't exclusive to Top 250, NHL Network isn't available in Top 120+, nor is MLB Network.
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    Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting

    This one doesn't appear to have as many things as the previous couple. Very beautiful, but not a lot of change. I had it on for about an hour in the background and there was no sunset or day to night like the others would.
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    T-Mobile enters television streaming market with T-Vision

    I don't see the RSN's in the packages. Unless I am missing it. One article I read said that the NBC Sports RSN's are included, but when I punch in my zip code (just outside of Chicago), NBC Sports Chicago is not showing up as an option. The fact of the matter is that as long as I am tied to...