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    what HD channels will come next?

    Haven't heard anything, but there are only two additonal HD channels that I would actually care about--Spike and FX. Anything else would be gravy.
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    Dish 1080P

    Agreed. If you're seeing a noticable perceptual difference between your 1080i DISH picture and a 1080p BluRay picture then there must be some settings that are wrong, or you're double-scaling the image. Apart from the 1920 v. 1440 issue, a 1080i60 picture should have almost the exact same...
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    622 4.09 Software revert?

    My 622 has been running 4.09 for a week, and I haven't had any problems with it. But this morning at 8am (centrtal time) my 622 spontaneously rebooted, and when it came back to life, the software version now shows it's rolled back to 4.05
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    Dish Launches RSN's in HD

    That is the conventional wisdom. But as someone who has owned three different 1080p displays, as well as large direct-view CRT that will display both 1080i and 720p NATIVELY with no conversion, you will never be able to convince me that any 720p signal is ever going to be better than any 1080i...
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    Dish Launches RSN's in HD

    Wow, I can honsetly say that is an answer that I would never had suspected. Personally I'd totally prefer 1080 (and I get the feeling I'm in the vast minority by saying that I prefer 1080 for sports content).
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    Dish Launches RSN's in HD

    I looked around but didn't see the answer to this question. Maybe I just missed it, but I'm curious, are the RSNs 720 or 1080 (i'm assuming 720).
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    The ANSWER to last night's HD Poll

    Are people really buying 1080i displays?? I doubt it. Displaying a signal by painting every other line, then going back to fill in the skipped lines, letting phosphor and the viewers eyeballs do the deinterlacing seems like a thing of the past. I'd bet very few cathode-ray tubes are sold new...
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    28?!?! Are you kidding me?

    As a 622 user myself, I have almost 70 timers set up. The restriction is NOT in the number of timers you can set up, but rather in the number of individual events those timers generate. So if you set up a timer for an event that really only appears once a week it has little impact on your...
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    622 OTA bug

    Running a "check-switch" is an easy enough thing to try, and not something I've tried yet. I look forward to trying it tonight and pray it sends this symptom into remission.
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    622 OTA bug

    The plot thickens See the edit to the first post in this thread to see how my 622's behavior has gotten much worse.
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    622 OTA bug

    This is a weird one. I've had my 622 through many software revisions and never had this problem, including the current software which was working fine until this week. I've got plenty of timers set-up for OTA recording, but starting this week my 622 has been recording lower priority timers...
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    Talking to DISH CSR's, what am I doing wrong??

    What on earth is DISH's problem?? I've got a 622 and a DISH 1000 (which I bought from dishstore and installed myself). I called DISH in the hopes of getting a 1000+ to get the HD locals that became available in my market in July. I figured getting the equipment for free would be a no brainer...
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    Dish 1000 installed...low 129 readings

    My numbers in St. Louis were almost identical to yours when i first installed my 1000. Raising the elevation 1 degree more that the chart said increased my reception by 10 points on 110/119 and by 20 points on 129.
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    Dish 622 L356 Software Release Notes

    I love my 622. I had to reset my 811 more than a few times per week for the entire 2.5 years that I owned it. I've only had to reset my 622 once in the 2.5 weeks that I've owned it, and that was before the 356 update. It's been running perfectly since the software update. It is gold in...
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    622 folks, did your pre DST timers fire?

    All of my "timers" were still there, but no longer mapped to actual scheduled events after the time change. I was awake and actively in the timers menu adjusting some priorities at the moment the time changed, and got to actually see things evaporate. I tried resetting the box to see if they...